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  •  Solar Adjustable Patio Covers
  • Aluminum Patio Covers & Carports
  •  Fabric Awnings
  • Aluminum Flex Pan Awnings
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AAA Awnings pulled permits for, and installed a patio cover in my back yard. They also installed a couple of fabric awnings over our south facing windows.

The estimate: I called mid July to have someone come out and give me a free estimate. Mike came out and was very professional. Of the 3 bids I got, his was not only the least expensive, but he actually took the time with me. The initial meeting, he was at my house for almost an hour measuring different things, and showing me different ideas. The other 2 estimators that came out were in and out in in less than 20 minutes. Mike even came out a 2nd time with his lead installer to make sure everything would go as planned since the job wasn’t cut and dry. The other guys that came out, didn’t even mention it, which is probably why they didn’t want to pull permits.

The scheduling: Once the permit was approved, they installed 3 weeks later (which is good since Mike said it would take 3-5 weeks from the date of the permit approval). They called me a week before to give me a rough date, and called me 2 days before to give me the exact dates they would be here.

The installation: The best part is here. The installers had great manners, called me when they were on their way, spoke English, and cleaned up their mess at the end of both days. Mike even stopped by the 2nd day since he was in the area just to make sure everything was going good. This worked out perfect as I asked him if they could fix an old gate from falling over while they were there. Mike said no problem, and they did it for free.

Final: After the installation, I gave the check to one of the installers, and tipped them both $20 for being so professional, and taking 5 minutes to fix the gate. The inspector just came by and signed off on the permit, and the check I wrote AAA Awnings hasn’t even hit my bank yet. I am so impressed with every aspect of this, and how gorgeous everything looks, I am going to hire them again for my mom’s house.


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