This is a story 

about how mobile homes came into being.
It all started back in the days of the American Indian.


They were primarily a nomad people that moved about the country to find the best places to hunt and fish. They took animal skins from the animals they had killed for food. They used the skins to build what came to be known as a tepee.

It was made by placing the skins over poles that interlocked at he top leaving an opening at the top for the smoke from their fires to escape.

This was most likely one of the first mobile homes in America, as they were able to quickly take down their Tepee's and transport them to their next location.

As the years passed and the people that settled on the east coast started to look to the wide open spaces of the American west, they found that wagon builders developed a fabric cover placed over wood stakes that was bent to cover the width of the wagon.


This became known as the covered wagon and was a true mobile home that moved the people and their belongings to the new areas that they settled in the west.

Later as the as people got more leisure time on their hands, there was a group that liked to get out into nature and camp out.


Tents became their mobile homes. The next group became even more mobile and purchased trailers that they could pull behind their cars.


The next step recreation vehicle was born. People decided to use their trailers and RV's to visit towns and city's.


They found that there was no place to park their RV's so the RV park was born. Many RV parks found that people liked the area that they had visited and found work in the area. So the next step was to ask if they could stay in the RV park for an extended period of time.

Mobile Home

The next step was a bigger trailer that could not be hauled around with an average size vehicle. So they were moved by dealers with large commercial vehicles and placed in a more permanent location in the RV park and soon the mobile home park was born.


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