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AAA Awnings Inc. manufactures and installs all types of fabric awnings and drop curtains to provide shade. We also manufacture and install many types of aluminum window awnings and patio covers and carports. We are also licensed mobile home contractors and have a mobile home supply store. We sell to contractors, handy men and home owners or we can install for you.

Steve Lewis, CEO

Our Story

AAA Awning Masters, Inc was renamed AAA Awnings, Inc in the early part of 2007.

A little more background AAA Awnings, Inc was created after the phone numbers of Awning Masters, Inc were purchased in June 2003.

The phone numbers and remaining assets of Awning Masters, Inc were purchased by two long time customers, whose combined Mobile Home & Awning experience totals 60 years.

Awning Masters, Inc was well known in a large area of  California for their Mobile Home supplies and the Aluminum and Fabric awnings that they manufactured in their manufacturing and show room Facility on Lampson Ave in Garden Grove, California.

The equipment for the manufacturing of Aluminum and Fabric awnings of all types were assets that were acquired and set up in a new location at 7591 Acacia, Garden Grove, CA

One of the new owners of AAA Awnings, Inc is very knowledgeable in all phases of awning construction   and was able to acquire key personnel that had been in the employ of Awning Masters Inc.

AAA Awnings, Inc. has become well established and has been building a good reputation as a major Supply source for both Fabric and Aluminum awnings of all types.

As well as manufacturing for home owners, AAA Awnings, Inc has worked on major projects for some large commercial customers, and have been recommended by local designers to supply awnings for projects that they are designing.

In addition AAA Awnings is a major supply source for Mobile Home owners just as the former Awning Masters, Inc was in the past. They are the primary source for handymen that do a lot of work in Mobile Home Parks.

In addition to that they will provide the homeowner that likes to do the installation themselves with instructions on how to do the job effectively.

We manufacture and install Aluminum and Fabric awnings for Business Strip Malls, Single Family Homes, Apartments, Commercial Buildings and Mobile Homes.

Mobile home owners seem to have a difficult time getting answers to their questions about where and how to get information that is not misleading. The personnel of AAA Awnings Inc will answer your questions. In addition if you would like to do it yourself we will provide you with instructions.

Contractors and Handymen are some of our favorite people. Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions.

We are the place you ask how to find it when looking for   those hard to find items that you need.

We manufacture all of our own Awnings in Garden Grove, California. Which include the use of the best fabric and aluminum products.

All of our Retractable frames come from the one of the top suppliers in the country.

We specialize in high quality Fabric installed on high quality powder coated frames.

Our Office

7591 Acacia Avenue
Garden Grove, CA 92841



Simply wash the awning fabric, with fabric manufactures recommended awning fabric cleaner and protectant.

Retractable awnings are for sun protection, not wind protection; they are engineered for winds up to 35 mph, depending on the size of the retractable awnings. A good guideline is that if it is too windy for you to comfortably sit under the retractable awnings, then the retractable awnings should be retracted.

Retractable awnings are designed for sun protection; they cannot handle the weight from rain or from other precipitation, like snow. Large amounts of rain can pool on the fabric and damage the fabric or the frame. However, if a retractable awning is installed with at least the minimum recommended pitch, you can use the awning in light rain.



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