Duracool Aluminum Patio Covers & Carports

Duracool Aluminum Lattice These patio covers give you the openness and light you want, while still giving you some protection from the sun.  They can be installed to follow the lines of your patio, and because they are aluminum, they are maintenance free.  The lattice tubes can be either 2”x2” or 2”x3”.  The 2”x2” tubes are spaced at 2” increments, and the 2”x3” tubes are spaced at 3” increments.  For a small additional charge to cover the extra materials, the 2”x3” tubes can be spaced at 2” increments.  You have a choice of 8 colors: White, Spanish Brown, Mojave Tan, Latte, Champagne, Cameo, Almond and Adobe.  You also have a choice of 4 different rafter and beam ends: Bevel, Miter, Scallop and Corbel.  You can use posts with a double wrap or a choice of columns to match the look that you want. Fans, lighting and other electrical accessories, such as TV’s and heaters, can easily be added at the time of installation.

Duracool 3” Insulated Roof Panel (IRP) This solid patio cover is a great way to shade your patio and cut down on the radiant heat build-up that settles on the patio cover from the direct sunlight during the summer months.  The sun’s radiant heat makes the patio’s roof very hot, which can act as a heater over your head.  The insulation in the IRP panels stops this heat build-up, which keeps your patio much cooler.  The panels can be installed with U/L approved fan beams for the installation of outdoor ceiling fans and lights.  This patio cover is the best choice if you are planning to add a room enclosure at a later date. If you will be covering a patio for a two-story home, the 3” IRP can also be walked on, thus allowing for excellent maintenance access for the upper floor of your home.  You have a choice of the 8 colors for the posts, beams and fascia.  The IRP panel comes in white or almond, although white is by far the most popular.  Fans, lighting and other electrical accessories, such as TV’s and heaters, can easily be added at the time of installation.

Duracool Flat Pan This solid patio cover is a more economical way to provide shade and still have a great looking patio.  The patio cover’s pans are 6” wide and lock together, giving you a finished look on the underside of the awning.  This patio cover can be installed with just the basics: posts, fascia and pans.  Or, you can add beams to cantilever the awning, rafter tails, post wraps or columns and electrical for fans and lighting.  This patio cover is also available in the choice of 8 colors and the 4 rafter ends.

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