Carports and patio covers

Carports are in place on the majority of Mobile Homes. In some cases the mobile home lot is wide enough that the other side has a porch and a patio cover of the same style. The styles are interchangeable.

The columns that are used come in different styles. One of the most common is the 3 inch square with an indent on each of the four sides. Another that is used on a lot of the older homes is the scroll column. These are made with two 1 1/2 inch pieces with an S scroll mounted in between. Many people have to replace these columns due to them being hit by a car entering the carport.


Space Lender


This picture shows a carport with Space extenders installed.

The home next door has a patio cover using the standard 3" columns,  
You can see that the space extenders provide a lot more room to open car doors also. The 1 foot to 3 foot of extra space almost eliminates the problem of having to replace columns.


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