Mobile Home Porch Railings

Item Description Unit
Top Hand Rail Aluminum 21 Feet Per Foot
Bottom Rail Available in 4" and 9" spacing x 21 Feet  Per Foot
Bottom Step Rail Available in 4" and 9" spacing x 12 Feet Per Foot
King Posts 11/2 x 11/2 Aluminum x 36" Each
Pickets 11/2 x 11/2 Aluminum x 27" Each
End Caps White & Brown Plastic Each
Base 4" Steel Each
Base 12" Steel Each
Step Levelers Steel Each
Hand Rail Kits 4" Spacing on Center  Per Foot
Hand Rail Kits 9" Spacing on Center Per Foot
Step Nose 12 Foot Each Each
Screws/Twist Nails Used with Step Nose  Per Lb



Steps for your Mobile Home are custom made. These steps shown above are all custom to
meet the home owners requirements, the rails are custom made iron. the majority of mobile
home steps have aluminum rails Call and we will come out measure and give you a free quote.


 These are some pictures of the hard to find parts that we carry in stock

Click the link below to see a listing of most of the items you will need for your home.

Mobile Home Parts and Supplies

Vinyl chanel
Vinyl J Channel

Alumimnum J channel
Aluminum J Channel

Alumimun skirting track
Aluminum skirting top and bottom track

Saddle jack
Saddle Jack allows 2" of adjustment by code

Typical Pier available 6" to 36" in 2" increments

L Jack
L Jack allows 2" of adjustment by code

Pressure treated wood pads
Pressure treated wood pad 2"' x 12" x 30"

Stepnose and carpet
L shape Aluminum Stepnose to protect carpet step edge


12" high porch rail base


4" high porch rail base

Step leveler

Skiring vents

Plumbing vent

         Step Leveler      Plastic Skirting Vents          Roof Vents


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