Mobile Home Roofs  

Most of the Mobile Homes that you see in mobile home parks have been in place for more than 20 years. 

The chances are that the roof is galvanized steel. Many of these roofs have been patched using a white roof patch material that can be purchased at Home Depot, or Lowe's type of stores. It can be applied by the home owner or many times there are handymen that work in Mobile Home parks. 

The most common roof used to make a much more permanent repair is an Aluminum rolled roof with a rigid poly styrene base. A wood 2 X 4 is placed at the edge of the roof with the 4" side flat to the roof edge. This provides a good solid base.  

The rigid poly styrene base is placed over the old roof and the aluminum is unrolled over the base. The result is a better insulated roof than the original. All of the roof vents will have to be extended. It is better that this roof be installed by a person with experience with this type of roof.  If you are the handyman type we will sell you the material and provide instructions on how to do it. 

The newer mobile homes use the shingles that you find on many of the single family residences that you see in most family neighborhoods.   

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