Window Awnings

The main types of window awnings that are used on Mobile Homes are made from aluminum, the most common is the type called Panorama. 
The Panorama is made from strips of aluminum that are run though a forming die which forms two sides of the strip.

The final result looks like this:




I have to make a comment regarding the installation of this awning.
It should be at lest 12 inches wider than the picture shows so that it will extend 6 inches on each side of the window frame.
Depending on the side of the building that the awning is mounted on, that is north, south, east or west. The Sun changes position and will shine past the side of the awning. This can be more or less severe depending on which side of the building it is installed on.
The recommended way to install this type of awning is to measure the window.
To provide optimum cooling and protection for the sun.
Lets say the window measures 48 inches wide and 60 inches high the awning should be 48 plus 12 or 60 inches wide. The drop should be 30 inches plus approx. 2 inches to allow for mounting. The mounting angle is 45 degrees.  


The picture below is a 20 foot wide Panorama awning that is mounted to match the width of the window. The owner liked the way it looked. Two separate awnings could have been used but the owner preferred the single awning appearance.

Long Pano


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