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Mobile Homes or manufactured homes provide an alternative to the Single Family Residence. They are lower in cost due to the ability to be mass produced in a factory. 
If you own your own lot and it is zoned to allow manufactured homes your cost would be 25 to 50 % less than the cost to build a conventional home on the lot. The most common usage for manufactured housing is in a mobile home park. The typical installation in a mobile home park is to be mounted on piers about 3 feet above the ground level. This requires the following: 

Mobile Home repair needs an experienced person that has knowledge of modular construction methods.  

Mobile Home Parks though out the country have many variables in the type of ground that is in the parks. Some are on stable soil with a bedrock foundation and some can be on ground with a high water table. The high water table creates an unstable surface.

On the solid foundation leveling of your home could be one time only, however if the ground is unstable you may have to re-level from time to time.

Leveling of your mobile home by a professional Will cost $375.00 and higher in some areas. If you need additional piers, jacks, and pads there cost will be in addition.

Beware of the local handyman that says he will do it for less than $100.00
Many mobile homes have been badly damaged by the low bidder.

A professional will come out to inspect your property, and then be able to tell what will have to be done including extra piers, pads, or replacing some of them. They will then give you a firm quote to do the job the right way. 

Finding the right person to work on your Mobile Home, or finding parts and supplies can become very frustrating. We are here to help you, in your search for those hard to find items.


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