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8 Best Modern Aluminum Patio Covers Ideas

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Most patio covers offer protection from the elements, but truly stylish options can transform the look and feel of your backyard. Your patio will become a more functional outdoor living area with the right cover.

With so many options to choose from, settling on the right patio cover can be difficult. However, as any home décor expert will agree, it’s hard to go wrong with modern aluminum patio covers.

Not sure where to begin? Read on for examples of modern aluminum patio covers.

The Advantages of Modern Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum patio covers have come a long way since they first hit the shelves across home improvement stores. Below we list some of the advantages of using them:

8 Modern Aluminum Patio Covers Ideas

Continue reading for some examples of modern aluminum patio covers you can install today:

1. Bronze Aluminum Patio Cover

A bronze aluminum patio cover makes a perfect option for bringing the Mediterranean or rustic flavor to your backyard. With the cover in place, you can outfit the patio space with matching cushions, tables, and embellishments.

The resulting scenery will give you a patio that will never lose relevance all year. In the summer, it will look like a mini holiday destination. In the winter, it will bring warmth to your landscape.

2. Cream Aluminum Patio Cover

A cream aluminum patio cover can make your backyard feel airy—much like a vacation villa. The cover blends into the surroundings, enhancing the natural elements around it without disappearing from peripheral vision.

Add some cushions, tables, and a couple of ceiling fans, and you’ll have a true all-weather retreat.

3. Contemporary Aluminum Patio Cover

Simple and stylish don’t always go hand in hand, but that’s what you get when you choose a contemporary aluminum patio cover. These options embody the true definition of modern aluminum patio covers. The unassuming but sleek covers prove highly functional units that can make any patio area look more dynamic.

4. Arch Style Aluminum Patio Cover

The arch-style aluminum patio cover offers another option if you prefer simple, straightforward, and stylish protection from the elements.

The arch effect and shade structure will complement most traditional single-family backyards—especially if you have a pool area nearby.

5. Twin Style Aluminum Patio Cover

If you have the backyard space, twin-style aluminum patio covers can bring more emphasis to your outdoor living area.

The continuous uniform appearance of the patio cover designs can make the patio area more stylish and modern.

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6. White Classical Aluminum Patio Cover

Few patio covers will match up to classic or historical-style architecture more than this option. The white, flat design of these covers ensures they don’t take the attention away from the architectural elements across the landscape. Add a long dining table to the patio, and you’ll end up with a neo-Mediterranean backyard.

7. Pitched Aluminum Patio Cover

A pitched patio cover will transform your dry patio area into a true outdoor sanctuary. It delivers a near sub-Saharan visual appeal, but it also provides a super practical option in the Los Angeles weather.

A pitched roof makes relaxing on your patio in the summer more comfortable. The warmth from the cover will be a lot further away from your skin.

8. A Brightly Colored Aluminum Patio Cover

Sometimes a splash of unusual color is all you need to bring some energy to your backyard space. Imagine a bright yellow or mint green patio cover next to a white, contemporary residential property. Sounds like a great idea, right?

With so many color options to choose from, unleashing your artistic excellence has never been easier!

Where To Buy Modern Aluminum Patio Covers

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