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Choosing the Right Style of Awning for Your Storefront

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Finding the right awning for storefront use is crucial. It can display your store’s name, increase your curb appeal, and provide practical benefits. If you’re currently searching for your storefront awning, you have several factors to consider.  

Once you have decided on your ideal awning, you’ll need to find a trusted supplier. AAA Awnings, Inc. has premium awnings in Los Angeles that will compliment your storefront. Call us today at (714) 617-7048 to learn more. 

The Ideal Awning Style: Factors to Consider

Retractable Vs. Stationary

When considering an awning for storefront purposes, you can break down your awning options into two main groups: retractable and stationary. 

Retractable awnings allow you to extend and retract your storefront feature at any time. They grant you more freedom with your storefront design, and you can prevent your awning from suffering through extreme weather conditions to help extend its lifespan. Retractable awnings are typically the more expensive option.

Stationary awnings are the cheaper of the two types. Constant exposure to different types of weather can cause stationary awnings to decline in appearance and have shorter lifespans than their retractable counterparts. 


Awnings come in several high-quality materials, the most common being vinyl and polyester composite, cotton blend, and acrylic fabric. Vinyl and polyester composite awnings are durable, fire-resistant, and provide heavy rain protection. However, these awnings don’t thrive in hot environments and can crack and fade due to sun exposure.

Cotton blend canvas awnings provide a classic appearance. Unfortunately, the material is not as durable as vinyl and polyester composite. Still, with proper maintenance, these awnings can last years and offer significant water resistance. 

Acrylic fabric awnings are the most ideal for storefronts in hot and humid climates. They are breathable and resistant to UV rays, allowing them to provide areas of cool shade. Acrylic fabric is also extremely durable, as it doesn’t crack and resists mildew and rotting.


Once you’ve chosen your awning material, you’ll need to pair it with a frame. The two main types of awning frames are wood and aluminum. 

Wood frames are robust and sturdy, providing a beautifully classic look to any storefront. However, you’ll need to provide regular maintenance, as wood can crack and fade under changing weather conditions.

Though less sturdy, aluminum awning frames are more lightweight and versatile than wooden ones. Installation is simple, and you can pair aluminum with numerous awning designs. If you choose aluminum frames, you won’t have to worry about constant maintenance, as the material is weather-resistant.


Finally, you’ll have to consider your awning design. Ideally, the design of your awning will draw customer attention and perhaps match the theme or style of your store. You can choose from a wide variety of solid colors or a pattern that you believe fits your store’s aesthetic.

Find Your Storefront Awning at AAA Awnings, Inc.

If you have your ideal awning for storefront use in your head, schedule an appointment with AAA Awnings, Inc. We have the product you’re looking for. Call today at (714) 617-7048 to learn how commercial awnings can improve your business.

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