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Best Awning Fabrics To Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces

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An outdoor awning is an excellent choice for any outdoor area. It provides shade and comfort in the sun, and you are protected against heat and weather conditions with awning fabrics. Awnings offer endless opportunities to have fun outside!

Selecting the ideal outdoor awning fabric in California can be a challenge. When making your decision, consider not only colors and patterns but also practical aspects like durability, resistance to weather elements like mold and mildew growth, and ease of upkeep.

Transform Your Outdoors with The Finest Awning Fabrics in California

If you’re having trouble choosing the perfect material for your awnings, here’s a list of the best high-quality awning fabrics compiled by your experts at AAA Awnings to help you.

Vinyl Fabrics

vinyl fabric awningAnother common material for outdoor awnings is laminated or coated vinyl fabric. Vinyl fabrics are durable, robust, and easy to clean – plus, thanks to its coating, your awning will remain waterproof.

Vinyl awning fabrics are less flexible than other types of awning fabric and are more prone to tears – making them unsuitable for retractable awnings that must withstand strong winds.

Coating-Based Fabrics

colorful polyester fabricThe cotton canvas was the first fabric to be coated. This canvas was coated with either vinyl or acrylic to improve weather and water resistance. Both methods have disadvantages; acrylic-painted canvas is more vulnerable to shrinkage, while vinyl-coated canvas may fade and become brittle over time.

Acrylic polyester (also called acrylic polyester) is a strong material with excellent water resistance. While it often finds use on awning fabrics, the coating may fade if exposed to prolonged UV rays. There are various colors available in polyester.

Canvas Fabrics For All Awnings

red canvas fabric

The canvas fabric used for all awnings was initially the primary option. Canvas is highly durable and thick, so for maximum protection, you will need to apply additional treatments that repel water and staining.

Duck cloth, also called cotton duck, has a tighter weave than canvas, giving it a softer texture.

Canvas and duck cloth are still made today in the awning industry, though these fabrics are becoming less common due to their susceptibility to rotting, mold, and mildew damage.

Solution-Dyed Acrylic For Both Retractable and Stationary Awnings

colorful fabricsSolution-dyed acrylic is the most sought-after awning fabric. This outdoor covering consists of fibers dyed with acrylic pigments and then woven together for strength. Due to its exceptional fade resistance, solution-dyed acrylic makes for an incredibly durable awning fabric.

Solution-dyed acrylic fabrics offer more comfort than other awning fabrics with coating, making them increasingly popular for indoor furniture due to their softness.

Solution-dyed acrylic is water-resistant and features a protective finish that’s easy to clean and free from mold and mildew. Furthermore, solution-dyed acrylic dries quickly, which makes it resistant to shrinkage. Furthermore, solution-dyed acrylic has incredible tear resistance – even in areas subjected to abrasion or friction.

How to Select the Ideal Awning Material for You

Selecting quality awning fabrics can be a challenge. Ensure that your chosen material is durable, functional, and visually appealing. All the above fabrics are suitable; however, solution-dyed acrylic is the best outdoor awning fabric.

Solution-dyed acrylic awning fabrics come in vibrant colors that resist fading from sunlight exposure, are flexible, resistant to mold and mildew growth, and easy to maintain. These fabrics make perfect outdoor retractable or stationary awnings.

AAA Awnings has the perfect custom awning design and style to meet your needs. Our team will guide you through the various options, such as the size and composition of the awnings as well as choosing the most appropriate fabric selection. Let us assist you with upgrading your California home; our expertise includes expert design and professional installation.
AAA Awnings’ custom retractable awnings are available for more information. Get in touch with our team or email us now to receive a free estimate!

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