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Do It Yourself (DIY) Mobile Home Awnings Ideas And Guide

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There are a lot of reasons to get awnings for your Los Angeles mobile home, such as:

  •        Adding value to your home
  •        Increasing the comfort factor by providing shade
  •        Improving your mobile home’s energy efficiency by blocking harsh UV rays from entering your home
  •        Protecting your deck or patio furniture from the sun and rain
  •        Establishing a dedicated entertaining area
  •        Adding a bit of extra style to your home

Even better, it’s relatively easy to install certain types of mobile awnings yourself, ensuring that you get the best mobile home awnings in Los Angeles, CA, for the best possible price.

With a bit of preparation and planning, you too can enjoy the benefits of awnings and other convenient mobile home products.

Mobile Home Awnings Supplies And Parts

The first decision you have to make is the type of mobile home awning you want. Awnings come in four main types, and each comes with unique benefits. The one you pick will influence how easy it is to install, the cost, and even how useful it will be for your mobile home.

Stationary Awnings

These awnings are permanent installations that attach to the outer wall of your mobile home. They are incredibly stable and can last for many years with proper attention and care.

Unfortunately, because you can’t remove these mobile home awnings during bad weather, they will collect water and may even blow away during heavy winds.

Portable Awnings

These awnings are free-standing, which makes them incredibly convenient if you move around a lot. They’re easy to move and store, and most have an east-west facing to allow for shade while still letting in light.

The biggest problem with portable awnings is that they’re not permanent. It can be frustrating to have to unpack and pack the awnings away continuously. They’re also very vulnerable to heavy weather and will blow away at the slightest hint of a strong wind.

Retractable Awnings

There’s a reason why most people choose retractable mobile home awnings. They attach to your mobile home but have a roller mechanism that folds them away when not in use.

Retractable awnings have a longer lifespan than stationary awnings since you can protect them from rain and harsh sunlight by retracting them as necessary. Their functionality makes them the top pick for most mobile homeowners.

Motorized Awnings

Motorized awnings are very similar to retractable awnings. The only difference is that they use a motor to roll the awning up instead of having to roll it manually. While these sound very convenient, they are a lot more expensive. It’s up to you to decide whether the extra convenience is worth the additional cost.

Deck Awnings Covers

Mobile Home Awnings Installation and Repair in Los Angeles, CA

When you start your DIY installation, your first step is to get the necessary mobile home awning supplies and parts. If you buy an awning kit, you’ll get everything you need. The only other thing you’ll need is some tools such as a screwdriver and drill.

The Installation Process

  1. Check the site: Ensure that your awning sits on a stable site, with strong support from the door or window frame. Check your frames for rot, cracks, and evaluate their overall stability. Installing mobile home awnings on an unstable platform will lead to eventual collapse, which can damage your home as well as the awning.
  2. Read the instructions: Mobile home awnings kits come with detailed instructions. It’s a good idea to read them before starting the project. They’ll give you a good idea of the overall process and may even show you potential pitfalls which you can avoid.
  3. Fix the brackets: The first major step is to attach the brackets firmly to your frame. Be careful when measuring and make sure that your screws and holes are in the right place. Next, fasten the bracket tightly to the frame. Loose frames lead to unstable awnings that may collapse during harsh weather.
  4. Frame prep: The most challenging part of the installation is getting the frame in place. If possible, ask your friends or neighbors for help. The first part of the process is connecting the bracing unit to the bracket, which increases stability. Then you’ll have to fix the arms to the wall, making sure to follow the instructions precisely. You may even have a return arm that retracts your awning, which will need special installation.
  5. Attach the roofing: The final step is attaching your roofing to the awning construction. Start at the top by attaching the roofing to the stringers. Then stretch the roofing down the frame and secure it in place.

Mobile Home Products Needs

If you’re feeling stuck when choosing your mobile home awnings, start by identifying your top needs. Do you want to increase your living and entertainment area? Do you want to protect your home and outdoor furniture from the harsh California sun? What’s your budget?

Your awning’s design has a significant impact on how well it will perform. Flimsy awnings look great, but can they stand up to strong winds and storms? A stronger frame is a better option for bad weather.

You can also choose from several materials, including metallic, canvas, or polyester awnings. Metallic awnings are stable and affordable, but they’re too hot for California summers. Polyester often comes with UV coatings, but it will degrade if left outside too long. Canvas is an excellent choice for retractable and stationary awnings but may be too heavy for portable options.

Exterior Mobile Home Remodeling

Mobile home awnings are a great way to add value and functionality to your home. They’re a perfect place for extra holiday lights during the festive season and can dramatically add to your living space.

However, they’re only one option, and there are plenty of other mobile home products available to enhance your mobile home and make it unique.

At AAA Awnings, we have offered some of the best mobile home awnings in Los Angeles, CA, since 2003. We also provide additional services such as drop shades, patio covers, and cabanas. To learn more, get in touch with our team at (714) 373-5918 today!

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