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Drop Shades: Your Custom Shading Solution

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Drop shades are a great product to give you a shady area to use whenever you want to be out of the hot sun. If instead, you want to get a suntan, you can raise the drop shades and have sunlight on your patio or porch area. This makes them very versatile.

Benefits of Adding Patio Drop Shades to Your Los Angeles Home

In the Los Angeles area, there are approximately 284 sunny days per year, and it’s one of the sunniest areas in the United States. Sunshine is lovely, but it can really make your electric bill for air conditioning climb to an alarming rate. This is especially true as we see the signs of global warming with more sunshine and warmer temperatures on average.

What are Drop Shades?

A drop shade is a type of retractable shade that has many benefits for homeowners. It’s made in the same manner as indoor roller shades are. Indoor roller shades usually use a corded method to open and close them. Larger outdoor drop shades can be motorized for ease of use when covering large areas, whereas a string system would be too heavy to open and close by hand.

Custom drop shades in Los Angeles are made from a screen-like fabric that keeps the sun’s heat and UV rays out of an outdoor area, but you can still see through the fabric to the outdoors. They work as a light filtering product and are available in different varying weaves to allow the amount of light in that you want with the best view outside.

Drop Shades

What are the Benefits of Installing a Drop Shades System?

There are many great benefits of installing drop shades on your Los Angeles home’s exterior such as:

  • Versatility
  • Increase Your Privacy
  • Maximize the Available Space
  • Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal
  • Block Radiation
  • Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Home


You can have your custom drop shade system installed anywhere you wish outdoors. Most homeowners have a patio or deck in the backyard. This is a great area for outdoor gatherings and get-togethers for your family and friends–but it can get sunny and hot. You can open your drop shades and block out the glaring sun and heat from your outdoor entertaining areas. Drop shades can also be mounted on an existing pergola if you wish.

You can use one drop shade to block the sun from one direction, or you can include three drop shades on each side and the front of your patio or deck, and voila–you have your own screened-in room. The fabric weave will still allow any cool breezes to reach you while you entertain guests outdoors and when the weather is balmy and nice, you can leave the patio door open and the extra space is a continuation of your indoor space for several guests at a time.

Increase Your Privacy

The specialized fabric of your drop shade system will block the views of neighbors in your newly found outdoor room. This makes the area very cozy and comfortable like an extension of your home. You can add outdoor furniture, tables, and chairs with outdoor rugs and colorful throw pillows just as you do inside your home for decorating. Using all outdoor fabrics on your furnishings will help them to last longer. The addition of fans in the summertime and heaters in the winter can make your outdoor room your favorite living area. You can also add Bluetooth speakers and LED lights for ambiance at any time.

Maximize The Available Space

It’s a proven fact that families with shaded outdoor areas, use these areas much more often than households without shade protection. Birthday parties, football, and sports viewing, and holiday entertaining is at it’s best when you have more available space for your family, friends, and guests alike. You may even decide to have an alfresco dinner more often than once a week when you can do so in the comfort of your outdoor space.

Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

You can choose between several different colors of drop roll shades to match the trim on your home or its distinct style. This can give you a bit of bright color or you can choose a neutral color to blend in with the surroundings in your lawn. Adding a drop shade system will also increase your home’s value because it creates more living areas even though it’s outdoors.

Blocks Radiation

When your drop shades are down, they block harmful UV rays and radiation from people and pets on the screened-in area as well as your outdoor furnishings. This will allow your outdoor furniture to last much longer if they are not being faded and becoming thin and ripping due to the hot rays of the sunshine.

This in turn will block out the sun from entering your windows and doors that lead to your patio or deck area so your indoor furnishings will last longer too. Your carpet, wood flooring, furniture, and artwork will retain their new appearance if the sun doesn’t fade them or make them appear dingy, so they last much longer.

Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Keeping the sun out of your home with drop rolls down will decrease the temperature in the hot summer so you don’t need to run the HVAC system near as much. You can also reap energy savings in the winter with awnings in Orange County by opening your drop shades and allowing the natural and warm sunshine in your home to decrease your heating needs and stay at a comfortable temperature inside. These items translate to great energy efficiency all year round, so the drop roll shading system will actually pay for itself in a short time.

At AAA Awnings, we have over 60 years of experience in providing homeowners with custom drop shade systems and patio covers to improve their outdoor experience in Los Angeles as well as to help greatly with the energy efficiency of their homes. Contact us for information on a custom shading solution to fit all of your needs.


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