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Elevate Your Business in Orange County Through Commercial Awnings

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Commercial awnings in Orange County give you many benefits no matter what type of business you may have. Custom awnings can be made to order in any size you wish. You can also choose between many styles and colors and include your branding or logo as well.

Some buildings have built-in awnings or structural awnings that were in place when the building was first built. This isn’t the most common case though and structural awnings would generally be a cover over a front doorway made of the same exterior materials as the building, such as plaster or brick. You can add an Orange county awning installation to your commercial space and it will pay for itself in a very short time with all the benefits that you can reap from the installation.

Benefits of a Commercial Awning Business

A custom commercial awning from a reputable business in Orange County can give you quite a long list of benefits such as:

  • Boosts Visual Appeal
  • Increased Usable Space
  • Built-In Advertising
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • UV Sun Protection
  • Customer Experience and Ambiance
  • Creating a Social Environment

Boosts Visual Appeal

Any business with an awning on the front of the building looks very inviting to customers and also to passersby. In the case of a quick rainstorm, people that happen to be in the area can take refuge for a few minutes under a doorway awning, and in doing so; they can see inside of your commercial space and may just enter to check it out. This is a great way to increase your business that is linked to a doorway awning as a convenience item for customers.

Increased Usable Space

If your business is a coffee shop, cafe, or restaurant, you can increase your usable space to the outside with a covered seating area. When the weather’s nice, patrons can dine or drink coffee outside, giving you more tables to seat more customers at one time. Awning installation in Orange County can give you a real edge on a sharp increase in sales that will pay for itself in a short time. Some commercial businesses may have outdoor entertainment too, such as a live band on certain days or nights. You can also include outdoor televisions that may keep customers at your business for a longer amount of time while they watch a sports game or breaking news. There are also outdoor LED lights available to put under your large outdoor awning for ambiance and to enable patrons to see your menu clearly. You can also include some outdoor fans for the summer and heaters for the winter to keep guests longer in a comfortable atmosphere.

Built-In Advertising

You may want to match your commercial awning to your business colors in a solid color or a striped pattern to make it really stand out. Some Mexican restaurants will pull from the flag of Mexico and have red, green, and white on their awnings to show prospective customers exactly what cuisine they serve. As an added advertising feature, you can add your business name and logo to your awning. This will help new customers to spot your business from a distance when they are looking for it. Instead, you can have a picture put on your awning that identifies your type of business, such as a steaming cup of coffee for a coffee shop, or a frosty mug filled with beer for a bar. You can put any type of ad on your custom awning that you wish including a phone number too.


Commercial awnings Orange County

Reduced Energy Costs

Another great advantage of a commercial awning is the increase in the energy efficiency of your business. A long awning across all of your front windows will provide shade under it, reduce the temperature by about 20 degrees and also cool the inside of your building as well. Even one small doorway awning will help with energy efficiency for any business. When the inside temperature is cooler, you will have much less need for air conditioning in warmer months and greatly cut down on your energy costs. You can also cut down on your heating costs in the winter if you choose a retractable awning. In cooler months, you can close the awning and allow natural sunlight to shine in your windows to warm the interior up some.

UV Sun Protection

Not only are you blocking warm sunlight from your storefront, but also an awning reduces the number of UV rays that shine in your windows. UV rays from the sun shining on products or textiles will eventually cause the fabrics and materials to fade, become thinner, and be more susceptible to tears. An awning can help your products that are displayed at the front of your business or tables, chairs, and booths in a restaurant so that they will last much longer before they need to be replaced.

Customer Experience and Ambience

We live in a world of constant social media coverage. Everyone has a cell phone with a camera to photograph anything they find interesting or good. An outdoor Sunday brunch special or an outdoor bar area can attract more customers. Special and over-the-top garnishes on drinks and dishes will surely lead to photos being taken and others taking notice of the specialties. This can increase your sales greatly with awning installation in Orange County.

Creating a Social Environment

We’ve all heard adults tell a child to “use their indoor voice.” In the same concept, when people are dining and drinking indoors, they tend to be a bit quieter so as not to disturb other patrons. When customers have an outdoor covered area to dine and drink you will notice that there is more loud laughter and everyone talks a bit louder too. When people walk by your establishment and see outdoor patrons laughing and enjoying themselves, it tends to draw the passersby to the area to join in the fun. Most everyone is very social and they also want to do things that look like a lot of fun. Simply having outdoor seating can help to draw in more business for a better bottom line each month.

Choose a Local Professional Awning Company

When you choose a local professional awning company, they know what wind loads that your awning needs to sustain because they are in your locale. Custom commercial awnings are made to your exact specifications and installed for you for a complete turnkey product. At AAA Awnings Inc, we can help you to increase your business while cutting costs with a commercial awning. We offer many different styles to match your business’s exterior seamlessly and fabricate them locally for quick service. Call us today for a fast and free quote.


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