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Everything About Aluminum Awnings: What You Need to Know

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Aluminum awnings are most often seen in commercial settings over doorways, windows, and outdoor dining areas. However, since this type of awning takes little upkeep, lasts for many years, and is very durable, you can also consider them for your home or mobile home as well. Learning more about aluminum awnings will help you make an informed decision for your window shading solutions. Read on to find out more about aluminum awnings.

What are Aluminum Awnings?

Aluminum awnings are a great way to cool off your outdoor areas and give you more shade without the glare and heat of the sun in sunny California. These types of awnings are stationary, so there is no need to worry about opening and closing them like fabric awnings to protect them from the weather.

Custom aluminum awnings are made to the exact specifications to cover your areas by extending out from your roof or walls. They are welded together for long-lasting products and are powder coated and painted for you in a color that you desire, or a color to match the architectural style of your home or business.

They can be used for patio awnings, patio covers, and porch awnings that will be custom-made to fit perfectly. You can have even more energy savings by adding aluminum door hoods and Panorama and Zenith window awnings to give you less heat, sun, and UV rays entering your home or business. The extra protection keeps not only your outdoor spaces shady and up to 20 degrees cooler underneath them, but it also keeps the sun from beaming into your home or business. This allows you to save on your cooling costs, so the awnings will pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

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Types of Aluminum Awnings

You have many different types of custom aluminum awnings from which to choose in modern options to match the exterior of your home or business. Choose a fixed metal awning for covering work areas and products in a commercial area from the weather and sun. This protects not only your outdoor products but also your workers.

You can use the same type of awing for a carport at home to have a dry area to enter and exit your vehicles that are next to your home, and consider adding an additional awning over a walkway to get to the carport for the best aluminum awnings protection. For residential use as a carport, the awing will keep the harsh sunlight from shining in your car, making it hotter and eventually cracking your dashboard.

Custom Aurora Window Awning - AAAAwnings

Aurora window and door awnings and Meridian window and door awnings give you even more protection in addition to a fixed aluminum awning. In a commercial setting, they shield your patrons from the weather and sun when they enter your establishment. As a residential use, these window and door awnings protect you when you arrive home and are entering your doorway, so you don’t get soaking wet in the rain while unlocking the doors.

You have many choices of patio covers for commercial use, such as creating more space outside for dining and entertainment areas or over your home’s patio to create a comfortable area for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends. W-pan patio covers are all aluminum constructed with an internal gutter system that is designed to dispose of rainwater very quickly to keep you dry underneath it.

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Solara adjustable patio covers are an innovative product of the best aluminum awnings that allows you to adjust the amount of sunlight underneath them while still enjoying a cooling breeze. It’s made of aluminum with louvers that adjust in the same manner as vanes on a window blind, so you can open or close them to any position you desire from full sunlight to full shade or anywhere in between.

Duracool Lattice Patio Covers - AAAAwnings

Duracool is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum awnings in the nation. Choose the Duracool lattice patio covers for aluminum awnings near me that are made of aluminum that looks like treated wood in a traditional manner, but is made to last for many years. These quality lattice covers give you a combination of sun and shade with a casual and elegant style. Solid aluminum awnings choices are the 

Duracool insulated patio covers, and the Duracool flat pan patio covers, all made of solid aluminum for longevity. Insulated versions have insulation in the roofing to decrease the noise that is caused by heavy rain on aluminum for more pleasurable outdoor experiences. Flat pan patio covers work well for smaller spaces, although they can be customized in any size. They look especially good for any style of contemporary buildings to classic ranch homes.

How Much Do Aluminum Awnings Cost?

Aluminum awnings vary greatly in their cost which is all dependent on the size of the awning and the style. They are generally more pricey than fabric awnings, but they are also more durable and long-lasting. An average for 100 square feet of coverage, or a 10-foot by 10-foot space is around $530 to $575 for the highest quality materials, or about $5.53 per square foot. 

This may seem to be quite a cost, but keep in mind that you will also reap great energy efficiency in your commercial or residential setting by using less air conditioning in the summer months. In fact, aluminum awning owners can recoup their entire investment in a very short amount of time and then continue to keep saving for many years. So, not only does this upgrade to your home or business increases its value, but it pays for itself and then continues to save you money on energy efficiency.

How to Clean Aluminum Awnings?

All aluminum awnings are very simple to clean and rarely need cleaning because the paint on them seals the awning top. Wet your awing top with a garden hose using a nozzle to remove any sticks or leaves that may be stuck to it. You can mix some warm water with mild dish soap and dip a soft bristle brush in it. Scrub the top of the awning using circular motions and then rinse it off with a garden hose. That’s all there is to it!

Where to Buy Aluminum Awnings in Garden Grove, California?

At AAA Awnings we are considered your premier awning supplier in Garden Grove, California. Our highly experienced team has been helping both residential and commercial properties with the largest selection of aluminum awnings in California. 

If you are searching for aluminum awnings near me, then you’ve come to the right place. We are local, we offer FREE consultations, carry the highest quality products at affordable prices, and we guarantee them too. Contact us today to learn everything about aluminum awnings and their benefits!

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