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Fabulous Fabric Awnings for Patios and the Best 6 Benefits

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Patios at your home are often not utilized to their fullest potential. They are beautiful both from outside your home and from the inside as well. When it comes to getting your money’s worth of a patio, most people don’t use them as much as they could. Making your outdoor spaces more of a multi-purpose area is a great idea to get more use out of them.

Why do Many Homeowners Not Use Their Patios?

If you have some greenery and outdoor space that is comfortable, you will spend a lot more time outside enjoying your lawn and surroundings. Sometimes the weather isn’t perfect at a nice temperature, with the right amount of wind, and it can be raining outside or just simply more comfortable inside of your home–especially in the summer heat.

Patios need to be inviting and comfortable to be used more because we realize that it’s good for our mental health and general overall well-being. Adding fabric awnings to your patio, along with other comfort items can make it the perfect area most all year round for family and friends to gather.

The addition of a fabric awning for patios by itself is nice, but it also gives you the opportunity to add many other items to make your outdoor oasis a truly comfortable experience. You can add fans, heaters, lighting, and year-round outdoor furniture as well as outdoor rugs to keep your feet at a nice temperature all year round.

Which Are the Best Patio Awnings?

Patio awnings have a metal frame, and fabric on top of them to make wonderful shady and shielded areas for you all year round. You can choose from a huge array of fabrics with bright colors, neutral colors, or in merry striped colors. There’s something for everyone to match the exterior of your home and look amazing while giving you many benefits.

6 Benefits of Fabric Patio Awnings

6 Benefits of Fabric Patio Awnings

1. Energy Efficiency

When you have your patio awning opened, it shades not only the area underneath it but also the doors and windows that lead from your home to the patio area. This keeps the sun, heat, glare, and harmful UV rays from shining on you and your guests, as well as from even touching the glass on your doors and windows. This keeps your home cooler in the summertime because the direct sunlight and heat aren’t entering your home, so you use less energy to keep your home cool inside. In the winter, on a nice sunny day, when you close your awning, you let some natural warm sunlight in your windows and doors to help warm your home and use less electricity to warm it. You get energy efficiency all year round.

2. Shade and Cooler Temperatures

Underneath your open fabric awnings the temperature is 20 degrees cooler than if the sun were beaming down on you. It also keeps you from being in the sun too much and getting a sunburn, and this is shown to lower the risks of skin cancer. This can mean a lot more comfortable days to spend outside enjoying the fresh air without boiling in the sun.

3. Fewer Allergens

When pollen levels in the atmosphere are high, which is usually in the spring and the fall, having a protective cover over your patio will keep the pollen from falling down on you underneath it. It’s been shown in many studies to protect allergy sufferers that would otherwise most likely not venture outside during the peak of allergy seasons.

4. Weather Protection

When rain showers pop up, you can find protection from the precipitation underneath your patio awning. It shields you from the weather while allowing you to still sit outdoors and experience the cooling breezes that usually come with light rain showers. It also keeps the rain from splashing into your windows, which in combination with dust, will make them dirty quickly.

Another part of weather protection is that your awning, when open, will protect your outdoor furniture from fading or growing thin in the sunlight and with dew and rain. This allows you to get many more years of use out of your comfy outdoor items because they are protected.

5. Flexibility

If you choose a retractable patio awning, you are choosing the flexibility to open it entirely, close it entirely, or adjust it anywhere in between for some filtered light. Leave your awning open when you want shade, or close it to get a bit of sunshine on a nice day.

6. Simplicity

Outdoor retractable awnings operate on a simple method. They have a protective cassette that mounts on your home above them, and when not in use, the fabric top rolls up into it. This keeps the fabric in great shape for much longer than a fixed patio cover of any type. The fabric is treated to resist wear and tear, fading, and tearing, as well, so it retains its beautiful color for many years to come.

If you really want convenience, you can choose to have your patio awing motorized, so you only need to push a button to open and close it. Otherwise, the manual option involves turning a long rod to open and close it, which takes little effort and little time as well.

Choose the Premier Awing Specialists

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