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How to Stop Water Pooling on Your Awning: Three Tips

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Awnings provide shade and keep you dry while you enjoy spending time outside. To maintain the integrity of your awning, you need to know how to stop water pooling on your awning. 

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1. Clean Your Awning 

Awnings provide excellent rain protection, but only if they are in good condition. If debris builds up on your awning, you should remove it as soon as possible. Excess debris can cause the frame to rust and can weaken the awning fabric.

If your awning develops a hole, patch it using waterproof tape. If you don’t patch the hole, it will grow to an unmanageable size. 

To maintain your awning, treat it as you would your car. Remove debris and wash it regularly. Scrubbing your awning with soap will clean away dirt and prevent mold from forming on your awning.

2. Reposition the Supports

An essential factor to consider when learning how to stop water pooling on your awning is the pole support positioning.

If your awning frame has adjustable poles, reposition them so that water flows off the awning instead of pooling. Move anything underneath the awning that you don’t want to get wet before adjusting the frame. While this may not work for you long term, it will help avoid water pooling until you find a proper solution.

3. Install a High-Quality Awning

No matter how well you clean your awning, eventually, it will require replacement. When the time comes, consider your fabric options. If you choose a high-quality material for your new awning, it will last longer before you experience water pooling or weather damage. 

A professional awning installation business can ensure your new awning is up to code to avoid future problems.

Why Water Pools on Awnings

When you know why you keep finding water pooled on your awning, you can determine the best way to remedy the situation. 

The most significant cause of pooling water is an awning made of low-quality material. It’s tempting to cut costs by choosing a cheaper awning material, but it will quickly suffer the effects of various weather conditions and stretch, allowing water to pool.

If stretched material is not the issue, take a look at the frame. If the frame is unable to provide constant tension, the awning cannot work as it should. Adjusting the frame may prevent water from pooling on your awning.

Quality Awning Installation 

Even though you know how to stop water pooling on your awning, eventually, the time will come to upgrade to a high-quality awning that will last for years to come. A new awning can revamp the ambiance of your outdoor space. Our team provides the best awning fabrics for outdoor spaces to exceed your expectations. 

Call or text our AAA Awnings team at 714-515-6933 to speak to a member of our team about upgrading your outdoor space with a new awning.

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