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Mobile Home Patios: Discover the 5 Ideas on How To Improve Your Mobile Home

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Improve Your Mobile Home with Mobile Home Patios

Newer style triple wide mobile homes, modular and fabricated homes are beautiful up to date and spacious.

In addition to your indoor space, many Californians add a beautiful patio area to their mobile home to increase their living space on the outside. You have many different choices in the materials and styles for a lovely mobile home patio. Kindly read on to find out about all of your options.

What are Mobile Home Patios?

Mobile home patios may be attached to the dwelling or they may near them or detached from the actual mobile home. The patio is much the same as a deck that is usually covered in some manner to give you shade when you need relief from the hot afternoon sun or protection from rain and snow if you live in a northern area of California. The sky is the limit with almost an unimaginable amount of styles and materials that you can use to beautify your space.

Why Should You Get a Patio for Your Mobile Home?

A patio for your mobile home extends your livable area to the outside. It provides an area for lounging, entertaining and just enjoying some outdoor fresh air. It makes a perfect place to set outdoor patio furniture with chairs and tables for dining al fresco in the evenings when the weather is nice.

A patio of any type has a floor, which can be made of different materials, but each of them gives you an area to set outdoor furniture without it sinking into the ground and eventually rusting the legs out, this is true even if you have powder-coated metal furniture. A strategically placed patio with a cover or roof of some sort can shade your windows and doors on your mobile home to keep the warm sun and heat gain from entering your home.

This in turn will keep your energy costs down to cool your home in the summer. In the right area, the addition of a patio with a cover will be a major factor in reducing the sun from your home’s interior to protect your indoor furnishings from fading or degrading when it has encountered UV rays for a long time and it will also protect all of your outdoor furnishings that it covers and shields from the weather and the sun. Not all homeowners realize it, but a covered outdoor patio will protect you when you are outside from allergens and pollen during allergy seasons in your area.

You can easily add a beautiful patio cover to your mobile home with many different variations to increase your energy efficiency, your curb appeal and give you some much-needed outdoor space to enjoy life. There are also many different accessories that can be added to suit your every need while matching your mobile home’s exterior seamlessly.

Mobile Home Patio Floors

Mobile homes are different heights from the actual ground level when they are moved into place and supported on various materials in order to level them on the property. Many times the leveling products of choice are concrete blocks and pads in different thicknesses and may also include some pressure-treated wooden shims.

Mobile homes need stairs to reach the front and back door levels in order to enter the home. A patio may be added to your mobile home at the same level as the doors are, or instead, it can be on ground level with steps from the doors leading to the ground level. A mobile home deck is the same height as the front or rear doors, whereas a patio is generally on the ground with steps from a deck of any size or a staircase to reach it. The decking material is pressure treated wood, but it needs to be supported on a frame so it doesn’t touch the ground, this makes it a poor choice for a patio that is situated on the actual ground.

You can choose from many different types of flooring for your patio, each with its own benefits. If you love the appearance of natural wood, you can use wood with a sealant that will keep it looking at its best for a long time. Otherwise, you can choose composite wood decking that is man-made and it holds up for many years without any maintenance.

Outdoor tile is beautiful and works well as flooring if you plan to have a barbeque grill, outdoor pizza oven, fireplace, an outdoor kitchen or a heat source of any type. You can choose natural stone appearances or even a tile that appears like wood.

Rubber outdoor flooring is another option and it is slip-resistant as well as a shock absorbent. The categories for outdoor use include rubber pavers, rubber tiles, rolls and rubber playground flooring. This is a good idea if you often entertain with families that have small children or grandchildren so they are not injured when they fall down on the patio.

Brick flooring gives you many options in the colors and how they are laid to make beautiful patterns for your patio flooring. This type of patio flooring is also quite accommodating for any type of heat source you will use on it.

Concrete flooring is “as hard as concrete” meaning that it will likely last forever as a patio flooring option. You can have a porous style so that when it rains or gets wet it isn’t slick to walk on and it is also excellent for outdoor fire pits and other heat sources.

5 Mobile Home Patio Ideas to Consider

Most often, a mobile home patio is on the front side of the home, because the front door usually leads to a living area, which is most often the living room. The back door may lead to a more narrow area like a hallway or a laundry room, making it a bit more of a task to take items outdoors, such as food to cook, drinks, or any other items. You can however place your mobile home patio wherever you wish.

1. Patios with a Heat Source

If you plan to have a heat source on your patio of any sort, you should choose a cover that will stand up to it, such as an aluminum fixed awning. It can attach directly to your mobile home to cover your entire patio area and can be made to your specific requirements. If you get a lot of sun on the side of the mobile home where your patio is located, you may want to have not only a flat cover but also include a drop-down that is supported by aluminum legs to block even more sun.

This is most often used on the west-facing side of a mobile home to block the strong sun in the late afternoon. This idea works well no matter what size you wish your patio area to be, but most commonly, it will be the entire length of the front of your mobile home to extend your living space as much as possible.

2. The “Smart” Shading System Patio Cover

A fantastic and highly innovative patio cover made of aluminum to last many years is the Solara Adjustable patio cover for mobile homes. You can enjoy the very best of all seasons of the year on a patio with a Solara cover. It is made from aluminum slats with a louver system that works much like window blinds.

You can open and close them to make a solid closed patio cover, or you can open them entirely so that it works as a pergola and allows sunlight and warmth on your patio in the winter or on cool nights. You can also adjust the louvers to any position you wish to direct sunlight wherever you want it. You can choose from a lighter-weight roof system or a commercial heavy-duty model, which will outlast you in life.

3. Casual and Beach Style Patio Covers

Another type of mobile home patio cover is a very casual and beach style to fit your laid-back personality. It’s a slide wire and trellis cover. If you already have a pergola or a trellis, you can add a slide wire top over it for a great solution to control the sun and heat. You may instead have the wires installed to hold the fabric top.

The fabric on the top of this style of patio cover drapes gracefully over the trellis or pergola frame at the top of the support beams. It can be more casual by having deeper swales that hang down between each support area. Depending on the size of your patio, you may have one section or multiple sections of long panels of fabric that allow the light to peek through gracefully between the panels and make beautiful patterns on the flooring below.

We’ve all seen shade sails at beaches and hotel pools. They are considered the most casual type of patio covers. You can add several of them to cover your mobile home patio and choose different colors and exciting shapes to overlap them or to leave spaces between them. Choosing custom patio covers allows you to have exactly whatever you wish for a cover with shade sails instead of making do with standard sizes in few colors.

4. Perfect and Private

If you reside on a smaller mobile home lot, you may want a patio that is private so when you are sitting outdoors so all the neighbors aren’t watching your every move. There are a few manners to choose from in a privacy patio. After you choose the type of roof you want, you can add drop roll shades to your patio area on all three sides if you wish to give you a totally enclosed area when they are down.

Anytime you wish, you can simply roll up any of the sides to let some sunshine into your private area. Drop shades may be operated in seconds with the use of a manual hand crank system or a motorized system that is operated with a remote control or app. You can raise or lower them to any height you wish to control the sun and your privacy at all times.

You can also have privacy on your mobile home patio by installing cabana curtains outside on all sides. Cabana curtains look a lot like tab top draperies on the header where they hang from outdoor drapery poles. They are mounted under the top frame of your patio cover and can slide back and forth for light control.

You can open them entirely and use a tie-back system to keep them open, close them entirely or adjust them anywhere in between for your light and heat control needs. Make certain you choose outdoor cabana curtains that are meant to hold up in bright sunlight, blowing winds from the coastline and rain. You also have different thicknesses from which to choose.

5. Fabulous Fabric Choices

For any type of outdoor shading solution that is made of fabric, you should seek a custom awning and patio cover specialist that handles Sunbrella fabrics. This is the outdoor fabric of choice for many years. It’s made of the finest materials to last longer than any of the other brands, resists mold and mildew, doesn’t fade very quickly and holds up to all the tough weather conditions possible to last for many years. You can also choose from the largest selection of solid colors and stripes in Sunbrella fabric and you are sure to find one that matches your mobile home colors or style.

Tips on Dressing Up Mobile Home Patios

4 Tips on Dressing Up Your Mobile Home Patio

You have a whole world of items to dress up your mobile home patio including living plants and greenery, outdoor kitchens, lighting and sound systems and even more.

1. Lights, Camera, Action

The addition of adding lighting to your patio makes it even more versatile as you can still use it after dark and see what everyone is doing without worrying about people tripping and falling. You can easily add an outdoor rope light track to slide your rope lights into and hang them really easily. Rope lights are available for outdoor use in solid colors or in alternating colors and they can provide you with all your lighting needs on a patio.

If you really want lights that you don’t have to turn on and off, you can find some LED outdoor rope lights that are solar-powered. With all the sunshine in California, they will do the trick for you night after night without even a thought of them, which is convenient and they will also give you an added layer of security. Just remember that these types of lights need to be in the sun to recharge and mount them perhaps on vertical support poles of your patio cover.

2. Listen to Your Tunes

You can choose an outdoor sound system that is resistant to some moisture or just simply use a Bluetooth speaker on your patio to listen to your favorite music while outdoors. A speaker may also be enhanced by using extra outdoor speakers for surround sound.

3. Adding Layers of Comfort

You can dress up your newfound outdoor living area by scattering some throw rugs on the floor, adding outdoor cushions like throw pillows to outdoor couches and chairs, or perhaps include an ottoman that doubles as a seating area.

4. Going Green

Living greenery always enhances living spaces. The addition of a few potted plants or a trellis with climbing roses will go a long way in making your patio comfortable. You may decide to have a small herb garden outside to double as great use in your dishes as well as to provide greenery outdoors.

Instead of having greenery under your patio, another neat idea is to have an archway that leads onto the patio covered in climbing flowers of some sort that are very easy to grow and really don’t need much care. You may choose a variety of ivy with variegated leaves for colorful interest all year round and combine trumpet flowers to attract birds and bees to your area in the spring.

All of these ideas for mobile home patios should help you in your quest to find exactly what you want in your new outdoor space. Keep in mind there are no standard sizes of outdoor patios so it’s best to hire an awning professional in order to get exactly what you have in mind in a quality and long-lasting product.

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