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The Rise of Smart Outdoor Spaces: Motorized Awnings and Home Automation

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Outdoor living continues to be a popular home investment, with homeowners maximizing yard usage for entertainment, relaxation, and connection to nature. As technology advances, motorized awnings are now integrating with smart home systems for automated shade and unparalleled convenience. Read on to discover how motorized awnings are revolutionizing outdoor spaces.

Key Benefits of Motorized Awnings

Motorized awnings powered by Somfy motors or interior switches offer multiple advantages over manual operation:

One-Touch Convenience

Rather than cranking or struggling with pull rods, simply press a wireless remote or wall switch to smoothly extend or retract the unit. This enables awnings on hard-to-reach second story locations.

Flexible Automation

Integrate sun sensors, wind gauges, timers and home automation systems for customizable automated functionality like closing when winds exceed safe thresholds or retracting after sunset.

Advanced Weather Protection

Motorized units sense winds up to 74 mph, auto-retracting to prevent damage. This safeguards your investment better than manual models. With smoother operation, flexible controls, and robust weather protection, motorized awnings take outdoor shade and function to the next level.

Motorized Awnings and Home Automation

The Rise of Smart Homes and Automated Awnings

Home automation usage continues to climb, with systems like Crestron simplifying security, climate, lighting, and more. Now, automated awnings seamlessly integrate for whole-house control:

Remote Monitoring and Access

Check awning status/position and operate from anywhere via home automation apps. This adds convenience for vacation homes or business purposes.

Voice Command Capabilities

Systems like Amazon Alexa allow voice control over awnings. Simply say "Alexa, open the patio awning" for accessible shade with minimal effort.

Programmable Automation

Create customized comfort settings like opening your awning when temperatures hit 75°F or closing when winds exceed 10 mph. Some systems incorporate local weather feeds and sensors.

Lighting Scene Integration

Group automated awnings with mood lighting scenes for ambiance control. Retract awnings while softening outdoor lighting at dusk—all at the touch of a button.

Smart Security Integration

Connect awnings to security systems. Closing them when away or upon intruder detection adds peace of mind. Together with home automation systems, state-of-the-art motorized awnings maximize functionality for protection, ambiance and accessibility like never before.

Frequently Asked Awning Automation Questions

Motorized awnings interface with leading systems like Crestron, Savant, Control4, and more. They also work with devices using Z-Wave or Zigbee protocols. Choose a system already suited for your smart home ecosystem.

Reputable dealers program interface capabilities during installation for simplified end-user functionality. Basic apps have intuitive interfaces, like tapping your smartphone for open/close access. Dealers also provide ongoing customer support.

Motorized units revert to manual crank operation if power is interrupted. This ensures continued access without motorized benefits until electricity resumes. Power backup systems also available upon request.

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