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How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Bench Seat Cushion: A Buyer’s Guide

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Relaxing outdoors on a patio or in the backyard can be even more enjoyable with comfortable, stylish outdoor bench seat cushions. However, choosing the perfect cushions for your outdoor bench can initially seem overwhelming. With so many materials, sizes, shapes, and style options to consider, where do you start? This comprehensive buyer’s guide covers everything you need to know to find the ideal outdoor bench cushions to suit your needs.

Measure Carefully for a Perfect Fit

Outdoor Bench Seat Cushion

The first step in your cushion search is to measure the dimensions of your existing outdoor bench carefully. This ensures you order cushions that will fit properly.

Use a tape measure to check the bench seat’s length, depth, and width. For rounded benches, measure the widest and deepest points. Standard cushion sizes range from small 16-inch square seat cushions to large 96-inch long bench cushions. But custom sizing is also available if needed.

Record your measurements and have them handy while shopping online or in stores. This will allow you to filter options to the proper cushion dimensions quickly. A tailored fit helps the cushions stay put and keeps them looking sleek.

Compare Outdoor Cushion Filling Materials

The filling material inside the cushion covers impacts factors like softness, support, and durability. Here is an overview of common options for outdoor cushion fill:

Polyester Fiberfill

Polyester is one of the most affordable filling materials. It has a soft, pillowy texture when new. However, polyester fiberfill tends to flatten out rather quickly with use compared to other fill options. It is lightweight and allows for airflow but lacks the structure and support other materials offer.


Foam cushion filling provides supportive, durable padding for outdoor cushions. It holds its shape well over time and won’t flatten out like polyfill can. The foam also resists moisture, mold, and mildew, making it a good choice for outdoor use. It may feel firm at first but softens with use. The density rating indicates firmness.

Down Fill

For a luxuriously soft and cozy feel, down cushion filling is ideal. It gently conforms to body shape and feels comforting and relaxed. Remember that down fill requires more careful maintenance than synthetic options. It also comes with a higher price tag but provides unparalleled comfort.


Like down fill, feather fill offers softness and comfort for outdoor cushions. Feathers are more affordable than down while still providing plushness. Combination feather and down fills are also available. Like down, feathers require proper fluffing and care but make for extra comfy cushions.

Factors that Impact Cushion Comfort

Beyond just the interior fill material, some other attributes determine the comfort level of outdoor bench cushions:

Cushion Thickness

Generally, thicker outdoor cushions provide more plush padding for comfortably sitting longer. Standard thicknesses are 2, 3, 4, and 5 inches. Thinner cushions around 2 inches are more flexible and lightweight but don’t offer as much softness. Extra thick 5-inch cushions are luxuriously soft for extended lounging.

Cushion Firmness

This is influenced by both the filling type and density rating. Higher-density foam and polyfill will be firmer and more supportive. Medium soft to medium firm density is ideal for balance, comfort, and structure. Softer, low-density materials compress more easily.

Fabric Coverings

The right cushion cover fabric makes a difference, too. Look for outdoor cushions with breathable fabric to allow airflow and keep you cool. Quilted covers and mesh-like performance fabrics improve both cooling and comfort.

Measure Carefully for a Perfect Fit

Measure Carefully for a Perfect Fit

Consider size, shape, and style when searching for your perfect outdoor bench cushions. Here are some top tips for choosing cushions tailored to your existing patio furniture:

  • For a curved bench, curved cushions will hug the shape nicely. Or a slightly oversized rectangular cushion can also work.
  • Match simple patterned cushions to busier or ornate furniture styles. Solid colors or minimal patterns pair well with sleek, modern benches.
  • Neutral colors are easy to coordinate. But don’t be afraid to complement bold furniture with playful cushion prints or bright colors.
  • Consider fitted cushion covers to keep the cushions from shifting around on the bench. Ties or zipper closures also secure the cushions in place.

Seek Out Durability

Since your new outdoor cushions will live outside and be exposed to sun, rain, and other elements, you’ll want cushions constructed to last. Here’s what to look for in durable outdoor bench cushions:

Mold + Mildew Resistant

Both the cushion fill and fabric covers should be resistant to mildew, mold, and other microbial growth. This prevents musty smells and staining over time.

UV + Fade Resistant

Cushion covers need to be UV-stabilized and treated for fade resistance. This ensures the colors stay vivid even after prolonged sun exposure.

Waterproof + Quick Drying

From morning dew to surprise showers, cushion covers need to repel moisture. Treated fabrics or fitted waterproof cushion covers help keep your cushions drying quickly.

Stain Repellant

Fabrics with built-in stain guard coatings protect your cushions from food spills, bird droppings, and other outdoor stains. This makes spot cleaning easier as well.

Balance Affordability With Quality

You can find outdoor bench cushions at a wide range of price points. In general, cushions around $100 or more tend to be higher-end, with better materials, thicker foam, and improved weather resistance. However, discount stores or online retailers also carry decent quality cushions for under $60.

No matter your budget, inspect the materials and construction to get the best cushion quality possible. Prioritize weather-resistant covers and supportive, durable fill materials that won’t flatten out quickly. With some savvy shopping, you can get a quality cushion that enhances your outdoor space without breaking the bank.

Outdoor Cushion Care Tips

To keep your new outdoor cushions in the best condition:

  • Use outdoor furniture covers when not in use
  • Allow cushions to fully air dry before storing
  • Spot clean stains immediately
  • Check and retighten ties/zippers regularly
  • Bring cushions indoors during harsh weather
  • Fluff and rotate foam core cushions periodically

Following the manufacturer’s care instructions will also help maintain the integrity of the materials.

Key Takeaways on Choosing the Perfect Cushion

  • Measure carefully for a tailored fit
  • Select material that suits your preferences
  • Compare thickness, firmness, and fabrics
  • Choose cushion styles to coordinate with existing furniture
  • Seek out weather-resistant, durable materials
  • Follow care guidelines to maximize longevity

Maximize Comfort with the Right Bench Seat Cushions

Upgrading your patio or deck with comfortable, durable outdoor bench seat cushions can enhance your outdoor living space while protecting your existing furniture. Now that you’re armed with insider tips on measuring, materials, styles, and maintenance, you can shop confidently for outdoor cushions that check all the boxes. Soon, you’ll be lounging comfortably while enjoying the beautiful outdoor ambiance.

For more help selecting the ideal outdoor cushions for your home and budget, stop by AAA Awnings today to speak with our knowledgeable staff. We look forward to helping you find the perfect cushions to enhance your outdoor furniture!

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