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The Best Color Choices for Wood, Aluminum & Vinyl Patio Covers

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Adding a patio cover extends your living space outdoors, providing shade and protection from the elements. When selecting the best color for your new outdoor oasis, consider options that blend beautifully with your home while standing up to weather and wear. Warm wood tones, versatile metal finishes, and eye-catching vinyl hues all present appealing possibilities. Read on for tips on choosing the most stylish and durable patio cover colors to match your exterior aesthetic.

Harmonize Colors with Your Home's Exterior

Whether building a new patio cover or updating existing outdoor shade structures, aim for colors that coordinate with your home’s siding, trim, window frames, and roofing. For a cohesive aesthetic, select neutral wood tones, versatile grays, warm terracotta colors, or lively, nature-inspired greens that pick up on existing exterior colors.

Best Color Picks for Wood Patio Covers

Wood naturally lends warmth and texture when used for patio covers. To allow its organic beauty to shine through, stick to transparent or semi-transparent stains in these recommended shades:

patio cover color ideas

Honey Golds and Browns

Rich walnut and honey stains bring out the wood’s inherent pattern while adding a touch of gold. These sunny tones pair perfectly with cream, gray, and terracotta home exteriors.

Weathered Grays

Light driftwood gray resembles naturally weathered wood and works with almost any color scheme, from bold Mediterranean hues to New England pastels. For extra protection, choose a gray tone with a hint of green.

Browns with Red Undertones

Reddish chestnut and mahogany stains boost curb appeal in craftsman, cottage, and farmhouse-style homes. Opt for semi-transparent or solid colors to allow the wood grain to show through.

Best Color Choices for Aluminum Patio Covers

From cool grays to warm earth tones, aluminum patio covers offer extensive color options that hold up well over time. Smart choices include:

white | patio cover color ideas

Timeless Whites and Creams

Crisp white instantly lightens and brightens. For softer contrast, try warm antique white or ivory. Both elegantly showcase trim details while reflecting light.

Heathered Gray Metallics

On-trend gray aluminum covers present a modern, industrial look. Mix metallic, brushed, and anodized finishes for added visual texture and depth.

Deep Browns and Bronzes

Channel rustic or Mediterranean style with rich coffee, chocolate, and oil-rubbed bronze aluminum covers. These lush tones feel inviting year-round.

Vibrant Colors

Make a bold statement with aluminum covers in trending blue, green, black, or bright red. Use accent colors sparingly to energize outdoor living spaces.

Best Colors for Vinyl Patio Covers

Known for affordability and low maintenance, vinyl covers offer extensive color options, from versatile neutrals to eye-catching brights. Smart picks include:

gray | patio cover color ideas

Soothing Creams and Taupes

Neutral vinyl shades like stone, khaki, and warm sandstone blend beautifully with both traditional and contemporary home styles.

Go-With-Everything Gray

In cool, warm, light, and dark tones, gray never goes out of style. Consider an oyster white and dove gray vinyl cover for added flair.

Deep Greens and Blues

Verdant shades of sage, forest, and juniper green bring the outdoors in. Or opt for aqua blue vinyl that references the sea and sky.

3 Key Questions about Patio Cover Color Selection

Still deciding on the best color choices for your new wood, aluminum, or vinyl patio cover addition? Below find answers to three commonly asked questions.

Simplify color selection by securing paint chips from your home’s most dominant hues. Compare these to available wood stains, aluminum finishes, or vinyl colors to find the closest matches. Neutrals like tan, gray, and brown automatically coordinate with most exteriors.

Stick with versatile neutrals like white, cream, gray, brown, or black aluminum or vinyl covers if you anticipate exterior changes down the road. For wood covers, select semi-transparent stains that downplay the underlying tone, so colors remain flexible.

Focus on classic, versatile hues for your patio covers rather than bold trends that may look dated later.

Here are timeless colors to consider:

  • white
  • light gray
  • tan
  • brown
  • terracotta
  • sage green
  • sky blue

These colors make patio covers look current and refined.

The Best Finish for Your New Patio Cover

The right color selection helps your new patio cover enhance outdoor living spaces while protecting them from sun damage, rain, wind, and more. Contact AAA Awnings today for expert guidance on selecting durable and stylish wood, aluminum, and vinyl covers tailored to your home. With years of experience helping California homeowners, we help you achieve your ideal framed, louvered, or drop shade cover design. Request a free quote to get started!

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