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How to Choose the Perfect Apartment Balcony Awning for Your Space

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Enlisting the beauty and comforts of a balcony awning for your apartment can give you great satisfaction. The best thing about having an outdoor awning is that it protects you from the weather, but it also adds decoration to your outdoor design, and you can grow plants up there if you wish. Choosing a good outdoor awning can be a challenge to supply you with exterior shading. In this guide, we’ll cover all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Evaluate Your Balcony Space

Balcony Space
The use of an outdoor space awning is almost universal. An awning is usually found over a patio or balcony, since these spaces do not have roofs. You could also add one to the outside of a porch or veranda, although it wouldn’t be beneficial to have one within it. >It’s important that you take precise measurements for your balcony awning, so it will fit well, and it can block the sun and heat from your area that you wish to be covered.

Consider Style and Aesthetic Preferences

In order for your new awnings to blend well with your existing exterior design and balcony decor, make sure they match your outdoor living space and outdoor furniture. As an example, earth tones will look good if you install awnings over a patio that is surrounded by a lush garden or wooded area to heighten your outdoor living experience. You can bring the comfort of home to the outside for more relaxation, coziness and privacy. Choose an awning that matches the architectural style of your apartment. Generally, a solid color works well, but if you want to brighten it up, feel free to choose a colorful striped pattern.

Think About Material Type

In addition to cost and durability, the material that you choose will impact the level of sun protection. For example, metal awnings will last longer but will be hot in the direct sun. Fabric awnings, on the other hand, will last less but will offer more shade. Retractable awnings give you the benefit of being collapsible when not in use.

Price Range

yellow white awning

In addition to offering you flexibility, retractable awnings are a great way to enjoy the sun or get some shade. Best of all, they don’t need to be taken down, since they can be permanently installed. Retractable awnings are either powered by motors or operated manually by hand cranks. Hand cranks, however, are usually the most reliable and cheapest option. A motorized awning can, however, be controlled by remote control or sensors. This can trigger the apartment balcony awning when it’s windy, sunny, or rainy to automatically close. Of course, the more features you add, the costlier it is.

Fixed awnings are the opposite of retractable ones, but are still sun shade awnings. They are set up permanently, meaning you’re shaded all the time. Our discussion of canvas awnings (fabric) here is for convenience’s sake. Generally speaking, a fixed canvas awning will be the least expensive option for outdoor shade and balcony sun protection. Most modern fabrics are mold-resistant, and they come in a variety of colors and designs. Canvas is a durable and (usually) waterproof outdoor material. There are, however, some drawbacks, such as the fact that it cannot be removed. This can prove to be a problem in high winds and strong storms, which can tear the top and twist the frame.

Installation Process

The installation process varies depending on the awning you buy and its features. Fixed awnings mount to your apartment wall with anchors that are made for the type of siding you have. Retractable awnings also mount with the protective cassette on your wall. If you choose a motorized retractable awning, you will need some knowledge of electrical wiring and should get information and approval from your landlord first.

Some renters prefer to use a professional company top install their awning, so they know it will be performed correctly and be safe. Reputable custom awning companies in your area can help you from the design process to the installation.

Maintenance Considerations

Awning Maintenance

To clean an awning, you should first inspect the top for damage or mold, Then gently brush off any loose4 leaves and debris with a broom. Wet the awning with water and mix a solution of dish soap and water. Apply the solution to your awing top with a soft bristle brush. Rinse the awing thoroughly with water from the top to the bottom until the water runs clear. Allow the awning to dry fully.

If you see a small hole or tear, you can use an awning repair kit to repair it before it becomes larger. For tough stains, use a professional awning cleaner that is made for your type of awing.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Awning

Choosing the right outdoor awning can be challenging due to the multitude of options available. Hopefully, this article will assist you in making the right choice. The main thing to remember when choosing outdoor awnings is to determine what the weather conditions will be.

This will determine the style you choose, as well as the awning materials you can use for your awnings for apartment balconies. However, if your budget can stretch to it, your best option might be to find a local awning installation company, as it can give you specific advice and will often supply you with a better commercial-grade product as a customized awning than you can buy online.

Contact your outdoor awning specialists at AAA Awnings for an apartment balcony awning that will be perfect and give you many options in colors and styles from which to choose.

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