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How to Pick The Right Set of Awnings For Your Home

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Home Awnings are Awesome

Awnings for your home can cover patios and decks, doors and windows and attach to your home or they may be freestanding. Awnings are made in many different styles to suit your needs. When covering a patio or deck, they give you protection from the hot sun and rain showers too, to enable you to enjoy your outside spaces more. When awnings cover windows it reduces the amount of sun and heat that can enter your home in the summer and it makes your home more energy-efficient.

What is An Awning?

An awning is a cover for any area of your home. They can be made of different materials such as fabric or metal. The different types include patio and deck covers, shade cloths and shade sails, retractable awnings, retractable patio cover systems, motorized retractable awnings and window and deck awnings.

Awnings not only cut down on your air conditioning bill, but they block sunlight from outdoor patio furniture as well as furniture inside your home. The sun’s UV rays will fade any type of textiles over time and make them wear prematurely. An awning of any type to shield your items from the sun will last for years to come and can save you valuable money on your energy bill as well as extend the amount of time that your textiles stay looking vibrant and new.

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What Should You Consider in Picking the Right Set of Awnings for Your Home?

The type of awning you choose relies a lot on your preferences, what you will use it for and what size you need. Since there are so many different models available, you have many choices.

Style, Functionality and Materials

One of the first items to determine is the functionality of the space you want to cover and then it will lead you to choose a style. If you intend to have a BBQ pit or other heat source under your awning on a deck, porch or patio, then you will need to choose a material that will hold up to the heat. For this application, a metal awning will work best, but certainly not a fabric awning that can catch on fire. If you choose to cover space to extend your living area to the outdoors for a dining area or visiting area and it’s without a heat source, then you can choose a fabric awning that’s available in many colors and beautiful striped patterns. Fabrics are available in aesthetically appealing colors but they do require a bit more maintenance than the aluminum awnings. Aluminum awnings are durable and very sturdy, but they don’t leave you with much room for customization.

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Uses for Your Awnings

Door awnings are quite beautiful and they serve a purpose other than just being appealing to the eye. Most everyone has been carrying groceries and unlocking the door in the rain at least once. A door awning protects you from the rain when trying to unlock your doors and go inside making your task easier. Window awnings are greatly effective to help to keep the inside of your home cooler in the summer months.

Another great use for an outdoor awning is to place it near your swimming pool. This will give you respite from the heat and sun if you wish or you can relax next to the pool and get a sun tan.

Awnings of any type also give you great curb appeal so that your home stands out as an individual house that is hand-tailored to suit your taste. There are so many styles and colors from which to choose that will complement the look of your home.

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