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What to Look for in a Pool Cabana: Features and Considerations

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pool cabana is a great way to enhance your backyard swimming experience. With the right design and features, a poolside cabana can provide shade, storage, entertainment space, and eye-catching style. As you explore options for adding an outdoor pool cabana, several factors must be remembered. Read on for an overview of key cabana considerations regarding size, location, weather protection, interior features, aesthetics, and more.

Determining the Ideal Size and Location

Determining the Ideal Size and Location

One of the first decisions about a new pool cabana is determining its footprint. Consider how much space you want the structure to occupy along the pool’s edge. Opt for a size that fits well within the landscape without overwhelming it. Also, evaluate sunlight patterns to choose a location that offers shade when desired. Situating an outdoor pool cabana in the right spot can maximize its functionality.

Offering Protection from Sun and Weather

A major purpose of a poolside cabana is to protect from the sun and other weather conditions. Be sure to incorporate features that offer shade, reduce glare, and shelter occupants. For example, an extended roofline creates more shade coverage. Screened panels or curtains block sunlight while allowing breezes. Fans and misters cool things down on hot days. Heaters extend use during cooler weather. And storage areas allow towel drying racks to stay out of the rain.

Prioritize Cooling Options in Warm Climates

Proper temperature control is crucial in warmer climates. Strategically placed windows, ceiling fans, and AC units make pool cabanas more comfortable on hot, humid days

Designing Interior Features and Storage

The interior design directly impacts functionality. Consider how much seating, counter space, and storage to include. Outdoor-rated furnishings resist moisture and hold up well. Storage closets keep pool floats, toys, towels, and supplies organized but out of sight. 

Wheeled storage trolleys provide easy access. Interior finishes like tile flooring also handle wet swimsuits and foot traffic. Electrical outlets allow plugging in devices and appliances. Proper lighting illuminates daytime gatherings and evening entertaining.

Selecting Materials and Aesthetic Style

From the roofline to flooring, construction materials influence form and function. Use weather-resistant and low-maintenance materials suited to the climate. Consider glass, screen, or shutter panels to let in light and views. The aesthetic style makes a visual statement. Choose clean lines and decorative metal accents on a stucco structure for a modern look. Or go for ornate stacked stone pillars and wood details in a craftsman design. The options are plentiful.

Seek Out Durable, Low-Maintenance Materials

Prioritize durability and easy upkeep by choosing weather-resistant tiles, moisture-proof furniture, and corrosion-resistant metal structural elements.

Understanding Costs and Permits

Pool cabanas range widely in price. Simple kits start under $10,000, while customized builds with high-end finishes can cost over $60,000. Many factors impact the overall budget. Labor, materials, size, features, and permitting add to the total cost. Most areas require building permits for structures over 100-200 square feet. Be sure to check local requirements and include permitting in the project plan.

Adding Special Features and Personalized Touches

Beyond the essentials, special add-ons create an extra-special cabana. Integrated audiovisual equipment enables outdoor entertainment. Charging stations power phones and devices. Undercabinet refrigerators or wet bars keep beverages close at hand. For security, include lighting, alarms, and video monitoring. 

Automatic pool covers increase safety for children when the cabana is unoccupied. The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing a poolside cabana. Creatively incorporate features that enhance enjoyment and reflect the homeowner’s style.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most common pool cabana sizes?

The most popular sizes range from 150 to 300 square feet. Consider how you plan to use the space when choosing dimensions. More seating and amenities need more area.

Use heat-reflective roofing, opt for fade-resistant fabrics, choose exterior paint colors in light shades, and incorporate screens that provide shade while allowing airflow.

Concrete slabs, compacted gravel bases, or treated wood decking all work well. The site, budget, and design impact the ideal foundation type.


The right poolside cabana improves backyard enjoyment for homeowners who love swimming, entertaining, and relaxing outdoors. Keeping your family’s needs, climate, and style preferences in mind while designing an outdoor pool cabana creates an inviting space for lasting summer memories. Work with experienced cabana builders and designers to bring this dream addition to life.

For more inspiration and tips on designing a custom pool cabana that enhances your backyard leisure and recreation, contact AAA Awnings today to discuss your vision. Our team is happy to advise and partner with you to maximize your poolside space

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