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Residential Aluminum Awning Benefits and Best 4 Options for Your Home

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Have you ever considered the advantages of awnings for your home? Awnings today are much more stylish and varied than ever before, and they can enhance your residence aesthetically as well as add to your home’s value.

Read on as we explains the benefits of these long-lasting and good-looking exterior home features of the residential aluminum awning—as well as some ways to display them effectively.

Aluminum Awning Explained

The use of awnings to create shaded areas dates back to ancient times, and awnings progressed over the centuries from woven mats to durable fabric or canvas awnings, which were the norm over 19th-century American storefront windows.

Fabric awnings could be fixed or adjustable, rolling up to adjust the degree of coverage, followed by the introduction of retractable extension arms. However, fabric awning covers had short lifespans, were subject to much weathering, and did not stand up to heavy storms or wind.

The introduction of sturdier and extremely durable aluminum and metal awnings provided new advantages, including superior resistance to weather, better shade and cooling, and attractive aesthetic appeal through colorful pain options. A particular style of aluminum awnings with vertical slats became a staple on American homes during the mid-20th century.

Residential Aluminum Awning Benefits

Durability and affordability are two of the most significant characteristics of aluminum awnings, which can last up to fifty years and require little maintenance other than rustproofing. Furthermore, aluminum awnings reduce energy consumption. They absorb the sun’s heat and therefore keep your home’s inside cooler.

Aesthetically, many models and colors are available. Aluminum is very versatile, and you can tailor these awnings to your home’s needs.

As for financial benefits, aluminum canopies are much less expensive and more lightweight than metal awnings such as copper. In addition, they will save you money on your energy bills.

Alternatives to aluminum include metal and fabric awnings. Metal is usually a good idea if your home is in a harsh weather environment and needs to withstand strong winds or the weight of heavy snows. Fabric might be a good idea in areas like the Pacific Northwest that get little sunlight since they allow more light and air to come through.

Best 4 Aluminum Awning Options To Use Effectively for Your Home

1. Porch and Patio Covers

Porch and patio coverings extend your home’s living space. Cool drinks taste even cooler when you enjoy them on a sunny day while an aluminum porch canopy protects you from the sun’s glare.

At AAA Awnings, we offer Solara adjustable, louvered patio covers, which serve as both patio covers and pergolas at the same time! They provide ventilation, summer sunshade, and seasonal flexibility as they allow the sun to warm interior spaces in the winter.

Other options include welded or non-welded aluminum porch awnings, providing durability and flexibility throughout the year.

Duracool Flat Pan Patio Cover

2. Window Coverings

Window awnings can extend roof lines about two or three feet. They’re especially common on commercial buildings, but they have returned as stylish, practical additions to residential homes as well.

Residential aluminum awnings for windows only require a fraction of the maintenance that canvas window coverings require and they have far superior durability. We provide both fixed and retractable options. Angled and curved styles are also available, and the range of colors .

While porch and patio awnings extend your outdoor living space, window coverings enhance your indoor space. The awnings lower daytime temperatures and make nights darker. Window coverings are especially important for south- and west-facing walls. Since the sun fades most fabrics over time, an aluminum window awning will keep your sofas and chairs looking like new.

We carefully tailor styles and colors to comply with neighborhood covenants and homeowners association requirements.

Custom Aurora Window Awning

3. Door Hood Entry Coverings

Much like window awnings, entry door coverings are also popular on commercial buildings as well as homes that lack a covered front porch. However, their purpose is different from that of window awnings. They give the house or storefront character, but they also protect guests and residents from the elements as they come in or go out.

AAA Awnings normally install matching window and door awnings together. Our lightweight, easy-to-install door awnings are decorative, protective, low-maintenance, and hassle-free.

Aluminum Door Hood Awning_6

4. Mobile Homes, Garage and Deck Coverings

We provide a range of aluminum awning sizes for mobile homes: from large, garage-sized awnings to deck coverings. In addition to protecting your property, these awnings significantly expand your outdoor living space for just a few dollars a square foot.

In terms of appearance, some owners prefer the throwback, one-piece design that was very popular forty or fifty years ago. Other owners prefer a brise soleil, or permanent sunshade. These angled aluminum awnings deflect more sunlight.

We usually paint these awnings to match the rest of the home. Some people add lattice trim or ivy arches to make their awnings more distinctive and increase curb appeal.

Covered Work Area Awning_9

Count On Us for Professional Awning Products and Services

To start enjoying the benefits of exterior awnings and canopies, contact us at Orange County Awnings and Shades today. With more than sixty years of experience serving commercial and residential clients in the Greater Los Angeles area, you can count on us to do the job right. Schedule an appointment now for a free estimate. For more information, residents of the Greater Los Angeles area can call or text us at (714) 373-5918.

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