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Top 3 Outdoor Shades to Protect You And Your Home

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California gets really hot during the summer, making it uncomfortable without air conditioning. Outdoor shades that block out the sun can help cool down your homes – such as custom drop shades or retractable awnings in California which can effectively block out UV rays.

Stay Cool and Safeguard Your Home in Orange County, California with These Outdoor Shades

It’s no secret that harmful UV rays can cause terrible damage to you and your interiors. You can help prevent further damage by using these outdoor shades to protect your home while keeping your interiors cool.

Custom Drop Shades

With many different opacities available, you can block sunlight in different ways. Custom drop shades are an excellent option for outdoor shades as they can be attached to either walls or ceilings, depending on the available space. At least 90% UV radiation is blocked with these custom drop shades for a cool, comfortable shade that lasts all day.

Crafted with only the best materials, these shades have the ability to block the sun and its harmful rays from indoor and outdoor spaces. Furthermore, this innovative shade offers privacy as neighbors or passersby cannot see through it from outside – true innovation at its finest!

Remote controls make it easy to adjust motorized outdoor shades at any height to control sunlight entering indoor and outdoor spaces. By closing doors and windows, you’ll save money on energy costs to cool your home to a comfortable temperature in no time!

Awnings and Solar Screens for Your California Home

awnings and solar screens

Awnings and solar screens can be used to create outdoor spaces that you can enjoy all year round without the summer heat. They may even protect entire decks, porches,

patios, or decks from UV rays – providing shade for you and your guests while keeping you comfortable inside! Awnings can be mounted to your home and opened or closed according to preferences, while shades may be installed over windows to keep indoors cooler.

Motorized Retractable Awnings

With so many vibrant fabrics to choose from, custom retractable awnings can be incredibly versatile and excellent options for outdoor shades. We understand that some homeowner associations have guidelines regarding the exterior color scheme of your home, so we will show you many options that will meet and even surpass those expectations.

Your deck or patio can be transformed into an inviting area where you’ll want to spend a lot of time with outdoor shades. This is ideal for entertaining friends and family or simply for taking a break from the intense summer sun.

Your motorized retractable awnings allow you to enjoy the outdoors even when it’s hot or raining.

Fabrics have been treated with products to maintain their vibrant colors and prevent fading, plus they block most UV rays so you won’t get sunburned. Your indoor rugs, draperies, and furniture won’t fade either since the awning covers all windows and doors beneath it. Shaded areas under your awning will keep it 20 degrees cooler in the summertime.

Your carbon footprint can be minimized by using less energy to cool down your home during summer days. An awning keeps the heat off walls, windows, and doors – an energy-saving investment!

Controlling your motorized retractable umbrella is a breeze. All you have to do is press a button on the remote control, open or close it as desired, and enjoy partial shade or filtered light at any time. Plus, because the fabric is folded up and attached to the awning, it offers protection from rain and sun – lasting longer than a stationary model!

California’s Highest Commercial-Grade Products

AAA Awnings in California only stocks the highest quality commercial-grade products, ensuring your outdoor shades—retractable awning or custom drop shades—will last for years.

At our free In-Home Consultation, we help you select the ideal products for your exterior window treatment requirements. After providing you a complimentary estimate, we return to our workshop to craft your items. Once finished, we’ll come back and professionally install them in place; guaranteeing they fit perfectly into the space and offering all our services and products with a satisfaction guarantee.

Schedule a consultation today and begin enjoying the outdoors in cool comfort

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