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Top 5 Trending Exterior Door Awnings Ideas

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Exterior door awnings are a simple and cost-effective way to add valuable square footage to the outside of your home. Not only do they add character to your yard, but they provide protection from the sun and rain allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space more often. No area is too big or too small to transform with an exterior door awning.

Consider sprucing things up a bit by adding one of these trending exterior door awnings to your home.

1. Bistro Style Backyard Awning With Valance

Are there exterior doors leading into your kitchen? Think about some back door awning ideas. Consider a striped awning with either a straight or sea-wave valance over a modern patio dining set to create bistro-style outdoor seating in your own backyard.

Family dinner will feel like a night on the town once you personalize your new space with ornamental lighting and potted plants. Also, consider a retractable awning to protect your furniture during storms and ensure dinner never gets rained out. They can also provide shade during the warmer months when the sun gets too hot.

Top 5 Trending Exterior Door Awnings Ideas

2. Coastal Front Door Awning With Valance

Add curb appeal and value to your residence with a coastal front door awning. Combining bright and pastel colors with sea-wave fabric valances can contribute to a breezy beach vibe. Additionally, it will protect the area outside your door from rain or snow, giving you better footing when you walk in and out.

If you have a front porch where you often relax while sipping on your coffee or cocktails, consider taking this front door awning idea even further. Depending on the size and shape, you may be able to install an awning over the entire front stoop. Enhance your design even further with a retractable awning so you can sit outdoors, rain or shine.

Coastal Front Door Awning With Valance

3. Garden Pergola Backyard Awning

Pergolas have become a popular home addition recently and can be installed as an attached awning. Unlike fabric awnings, pergolas are a major architectural construction made of wood rafters and beams, forming a flat roof. Homeowners often accentuate their pergola with sheer curtains or natural greenery.

Since the roof beams are spaced out, a screen, reed mats, fabric, or greenery are often added on top of pergolas to provide shade. They also don’t need to be constructed out of wood. Pergolas can be made of fiberglass, vinyl, metal, or other materials that better match your home’s aesthetic.

4. Classy Front Door Dome Awning

A simple dome awning over your front door can give your house a classic vintage look, especially when combined with awnings over several windows. These are fixed awnings that offer your front stoop coverage from heat, rain, and snow. When you’re running into your house during a storm, this coverage is an extra benefit that shields you as you search for your keys.

Built to withstand high winds and rain, dome awnings protect your front door, windows, and home siding from debris. If you aren’t a fan of the dome style, other options may be more in line with your home architecture. When it comes to exterior door awning ideas, there’s no limit to shape, size, or material.

green patio cover

5. Modern Retractable Awning With Straight Valance

If you’re looking to amp up your backyard, a retractable awning can transform any patio into a modern-day oasis. You’ll have a shaded area to put your outdoor patio furniture and create a place to relax, drink your morning coffee, lounge, and so much more.

In addition to adding charm and shade, some retractable awnings now offer lighting options. The transition from day to night without having to move the party indoors with the click of a button.

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