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The Best Ways to Transform Your Backyard With Different Outdoor Coverings

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Are you interested in transforming your backyard? Coverings for your outdoor space can provide an entirely new look for your home while increasing your comfort levels. You can go over all your available options for Orange County awnings and shades with AAA Awnings, Inc.

Our team is dedicated to providing the Orange County area with a wide range of options for outdoor coverings. Find out more about your possible choices by calling our team at AAA Awnings, Inc. at (714) 503-8538. You can also fill out our online form if you have questions or need more information.

Different Options for Outdoor Coverings

Are you looking for high-quality options for outdoor coverings for your home or business? We can walk you through all your available choices, allowing you to find the option that works best to meet your needs while aligning with your style.

Let’s go over the pros and cons of each type of outdoor covering you could choose.

Retractable Awnings

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Awnings are fabric coverings that stretch out, generally from the side of your home or business. Retractable awnings do not stay in one place. Instead, you pull the awning out when you want to use it and then roll it up again once you decide to go inside or during wind storms, which can damage these coverings.

You may decide on motorized retractable awnings. Orange County retractable awnings have a motor inside them that controls the movement of the awning.

Fixed Awnings

Fixed awnings (or stationary awnings) stay in place permanently once a technician installs them. These awnings provide you with shade year-round and often cost less than retractable options. However, they may sustain damage during heavy windstorms.

Patio Covers

Patio covers are often custom-designed to cover your entire patio space. They provide a practical option for getting protection from the sun and the rain. They serve as an outdoor extension, often covering your table and chairs or even an outdoor grilling space.

You have multiple options when it comes to the type of fabric and the color of patio covers. Feel free to discuss these options with members of our team.

Drop Shades

Drop shades pull down directly from your roofline, often all the way to the ground, preventing the sun’s rays from hitting your walls or windows. Drop shades help keep your home cooler and provide you with additional options for privacy, as many of these shades come with black-out functionality.

We offer drop shades for stick-built and mobile homes in the Orange County area.


Cabanas provide you with a luxurious way to avoid the sun. Our team provides you with several options for cabanas. Generally, cabanas have a roof and three walls, with the open side facing a lovely view of your yard or your pool.

Our cabanas are large enough to offer you room for lounge chairs, allowing you to relax in the shade from the comfort of your own yard.

Custom Cabanas in Los Angeles CA

Best Options for Materials for Your Outdoor Coverings

There are various options for the materials used for outdoor coverings in Orange County. Depending upon your tastes, you may decide you want to use any of the following.


Wood provides you with a traditional look for your outdoor coverings. However, wood may bleach out over time, mainly due to exposure to the sun. It also requires maintenance to prevent rotting or issues caused by insects. Additionally, wood often costs more than other options for outdoor coverings.


Vinyl coverings often withstand the elements very well. They also come in many different colors, allowing you to personalize your outdoor space. Vinyl also represents a cost-effective option for property owners in California.


Are you looking for a durable and low-maintenance option for your outdoor coverings in Orange County? If so, you may want to consider an aluminum frame for your awning, cabana, or patio cover. It’s possible to apply different finishes to aluminum, making it look like a different material that better matches your home’s aesthetic.

Why Choose AAA Awnings as Your Outdoor Covering Installation Company?

Are you looking for Orange County awnings, patio covers, drop shades, or cabanas? Our team at AAA Awnings, Inc. can step in to provide you with the services you need. We handle Orange County retractable awnings and other outdoor covering options.

We provide our clients with excellent customer service. Our crews have decades of experience assisting property owners throughout the area. We use professional-grade equipment and have a reputation for providing diverse product options and top-quality service.

Our team strives to offer you the best possible prices. We only promise what we can deliver and strive to provide more than you expect. You can call us today at (714) 373-5918 to set up an appointment with our team.

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