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What Sizes Do Retractable Awnings Come In?

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Common Retractable Awning Sizes

If you’re looking for a way to effectively shade your windows using awnings, you might wonder, “What sizes do retractable awnings come in?” High-quality awnings in Los Angeles have a wide variety of awning sizes for retractable models like:
  • 12 feet by 10 feet
  • 16 feet by 12 feet
  • 20 feet by 12 feet
Still, your awnings’ size might vary depending on the available outdoor space, the window, patio, and door sizes, and the amount of shading you want. Proper measurements using the awning width and projection away from your home will help determine the ideal option for your needs.

How To Measure for a Retractable Awning

Gather Materials

Before you answer, “What sizes do retractable awnings come in,” you must know the size your awnings should be. To start your measurements, gather the materials you’ll need for the job, like a ladder, measuring tape, paper, and a pen.

Decide on Awning Locations

Your retractable awning can go over windows, doors, or a patio. If you don’t know which entryways your new awnings will cover, take measurements of everything accessible to you. You can consult the awning installation company about the best places to put awnings on your property and the best awning fabric for retractable shade.

Measure Wall Height

When you find a possible location for an awning, measure the height of the wall where installers will put the shade. Ideally, there should be about seven and a half feet of space between the top of the window or door and the ground, patio, gutter, or roofline.

Determine Width

Awning width is an important factor to consider because you need enough space for the retractable awning to extend over both sides of a window or door for optimal shading. Don’t determine width by measuring the awning fabric. Instead, measure the width of the area you want to cover. The awning width should precisely match the area it will cover. For example, a 10-foot space needs a 10-foot-wide awning. The fabric width will be a few inches shy of the awning’s total width.

Choose an Awning that Provides the Amount of Shade You Want

Projection is how much the awning will extend to provide a specific amount of shade. You might choose to cover an entire patio with a retractable awning or several feet beyond the windows on your building’s bottom floor.

For retractable awnings, the maximum project is the distance from the installation’s front bar to the mounting wall. Depending on the type of awning you select, the projection can be anywhere from five feet to more than 29 feet.

Get the Best Custom Awnings for Your Property in Los Angeles

Whether you want an awning for storefronts or homes, you must know the answer to “What sizes do retractable awnings come in” to ensure that you receive the quality awning you desire. At AAA Awnings in Los Angeles, CA, we offer an impressive selection of retractable awnings, patio covers, and cabanas to create shaded outdoor living spaces and enhance building exteriors.

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