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When you hear the word cabana, it brings to mind a quaint freestanding structure that shelters you from the sun and it has three walls. The open side of a cabana usually faces a swimming pool or the ocean so occupants can see the scenery. It’s a much nicer place to relax and rest, as they are usually furnished with chaise lounge chairs–and it beats lying on a beach towel on the sand at a beach or on the grass. Cabanas are often seen at upscale hotels overlooking the swimming pools. In a residential sense, many homeowners with swimming pools make good use of a cabana with the fourth wall that is open having a curtain of some sort of fabric that can be opened or closed so guests have a private area to change into their swimming suits.

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Gazebos are also freestanding structures to block overhead sunlight from the occupants. They consist of a roof but have no actual walls on them. Instead, they will have at least four support legs at the corners or up to eight support legs for an octagon shape, which is very popular. There can be a short fence like structure that appears much like a porch railing around the gazebo and they may or may not have benches for seating all around on the inside. Commercial gazebos give guests a nice area to relax in without the hot summer sun beaming down on them. Residential gazebos are often found near flower gardens so you can relax and take in the sights of butterflies, honeybees and humming birds nearby.

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Canopies are freestanding also and they can be placed on a frame over any area you wish. Commercial restaurants often use an outdoor canopy for additional al fresco dining when the weather is nice. Residential canopies are most often used over an outdoor kitchen and/or dining area in the backyard for comfort while entertaining.

Outdoor Slide Wire Awning Canopy
Outdoor Slide Wire Awning Canopy

Cabanas, gazebos and canopies can be of any size or shape that you desire when you choose a custom model. The fabric covering them is available in many solid colors including lovely stripes as well. The fabric of choice will last for many years and it is treated with built in UV protection and fade resistant products so your vibrant colors can remain brilliant.

Not only can we do cabanas for you, but we also have the to options of gazebos and canopies – whichever fits your space’s needs! When you are around in Los Angeles and you need help from us, get in touch right away. AAA Awnings the reliable awning company in Los Angeles, California manufactures and can install many different types of window awnings and patio covers for residential, commercial, and mobile home use . Talk to us now.

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