How Much Does an Awning Cost in 2023?

how much does an awning cost

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Awnings act as an extension of your exterior walls or roof. Like umbrellas, they shelter your household from rain that bars you from cracking the window during a light storm. They also keep UV rays from penetrating the glass and warming your home—but how much does an awning cost?

Below, we’ll delve into average price ranges and what factors affect them. We’ll also determine the best place to go for high-quality awnings in Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding areas.

How Much Might You Pay for Awnings? 

On average, awnings cost roughly $1,300 to just above $4,000, with a national average of $2,700. However, certain factors affect this price range further. You could face an extremely low cost of $150 or a premium of $7,200. 

Costs According to Types of Awning

The first factor is the types of awnings. It’s tempting to base your choice on style alone since you want a covering that adds to your home’s aesthetics. However, each serves a unique purpose, depending on its material and function.


Canvas fabrics are usually cotton or polyester, offering several color, pattern, shape, and size options. While more economical than metal, costing $300 to $700, they rip easily in harsh winds. The product is also susceptible to mold, meaning replacements are frequent. 


Metal awnings are more weather resistant with a stainless steel or aluminum makeup. For a slightly higher cost, consider copper, which oxidizes nicely with a thin patina over time. Metal costs begin at $335 and go up to $950.


Portable awnings are ideal if you only need shading for special events or have a large property but don’t want to pay for whole-home coverage. This cost-effective $100-to-$400 expense allows you to move a free-standing awning where you need it. Just know it isn’t durable, so it won’t hold up to daily use.


Retractable awnings come in two styles. One includes motors that allow you to manage all coverings with the click of a remote control, costing a hefty $2,000 to over $10,000. The other includes manual retractable awnings that only cost $500 to $1,650 but require hand cranking. 

Other Factors Affecting Price

Now, how much does an awning cost according to other factors?

  • Labor: Portable awnings and DIY jobs don’t include installation costs. However, hiring a professional to install an awning costs $13 to $25 an hour or $6 to $9 per square foot. Expect to pay between $100 and $400 (sometimes up to $1,000 for motorized retractable awnings).
  • Size: Awning material costs $6 to $9 per square foot, meaning an awning above a window or door costs under $600, while whole-backyard coverage may cost thousands.

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Within our time, AAA Awnings has installed almost three million square feet of material in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, leading to over $20 million in energy cost savings. Our industry leaders provide high-quality services with coverings of all types, from awnings for storefronts to those for household patios. Call (714) 515-6933 to find out “How much does an awning cost?” and install your new awning today!

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