Motorized Awnings & Solar Screens


Outdoor Living Solutions

Upgrade your outdoor relaxation with AAA Awning’s motorized shading systems. Offering a wide selection of retractable awnings and solar screen fabrics and frames, we employ integrated motors and automation for superior convenience and weather control. Open or close shades with just a tap on a remote or a phone or through an automated seasonal schedule for precise protection. Our easy-to-operate motorized systems allow you to enjoy adjustable shade and privacy at the touch of a button, ideal for the sunny LA climate.

Motorized Retractable Awnings

Our motorized retractable awnings employ push-button or voice-activated convenience to provide customized sun protection instantly, as an upgrade from manual operation. At the touch of a remote or smartphone, the durable, fade, and mold-resistant fabric canopy extends out on an aluminum frame to block intense rays while allowing cooling airflow. Integrated sensors automatically adjust the angle and degree of extension to maintain prime coverage as sunlight shifts. Compared to manual awnings, motorized systems provide effortless control over shaded areas and lighting ambiance. This increases interior comfort up to 20 degrees over non-covered spaces. With over 100 long-lasting, architecturally complementing fabric patterns available, a motorized retractable awning adds beauty and livable square footage to outdoor spaces for homes and businesses alike.

Motorized Solar Screens

Constructed from light-filtering insulating fiberglass material set into perimeter framing, our custom-fit motorized solar screens effectively reduce heat transfer through windows by up to 80% by reflecting intense infrared light. Motors allow you to conveniently raise and lower the screens at the touch of a button to regulate natural light, visibility, and temperature control according to your needs, seasonally or daily. Solar screen fabrics are available in a variety of aesthetic colors and visible light transmittance levels to complement your home’s style while maximizing energy savings. For large installations, our motorized commercial solar screens can tie into automated environmental control systems for optimal daylight modulation and HVAC load reduction in spaces like offices or museums.

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