Fixed Awnings

Fixed Awnings in Los Angeles, CA

Experience year-round protection and style with our fixed awnings at AAA Awnings. Specially designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any space, our fixed awnings are a permanent installation that provides reliable shade and weather protection for your home or business. Crafted with durability in mind, these awnings are ideal for areas where frequent use or adverse conditions are expected.

Versatile Applications for Every Need


AAA Awnings provides a wide array of fixed awning solutions tailored to diverse settings, including commercial properties, residential areas, and mobile homes. Each category is designed to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and style.


Commercial Awnings

Our commercial awnings are perfect for businesses seeking to enhance their exterior appeal and functionality. Ideal for storefronts, restaurants, and office buildings, these awnings offer a branded, professional look while providing essential weather protection and reducing indoor heat.

Residential Awnings

Enhance your home’s comfort and curb appeal with our residential fixed awnings. These are great for patios, windows, and entrances, providing increased energy efficiency and a comfortable outdoor living space shielded from the elements.
mobile home

Mobile Home Awnings

Our fixed awnings for mobile homes add a layer of protection and insulation, helping to control interior temperatures and extend your living space. Designed to withstand the rigors of mobile home requirements, these awnings are both durable and stylish.

Best Quality Fixed Awnings


At AAA Awnings, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality fixed awnings in a variety of styles to suit any architectural need. Whether you’re looking for a modern or traditional design, our selection is sure to include the perfect awning to complement your space.

Residential Stationary Fixed Riviera Awnings Los Angeles_7

Riviera Style Window Awnings

Riviera style awnings are triangular shaped on the ends and can have either a rigid valance or a loose valance with a decorative bottom or no valance at all. There is a wide range of fabrics available, but Sunbrella is by far the most popular because of its quality, durability and ten year limited warrantee.  Please check out the Riviera style gallery pages for pictures of color and pattern options.
Aluminum Window Awnings Ideas for Home

Orleans Style Window Awnings

The Orleans style window awnings have a quarter barrel appearance on the ends.  They also can have a rigid or loose valance or no valance at all.  The Orleans style awning is also a very popular look.  Please check out the gallery pages for more window awning pictures and ideas.
Residential Retractable Patio and Window Awnings Los Angeles_15

Scroll Style Window Awnings

The Scroll style window awning adds a unique look to your windows.  We custom bend our sides to create the look that you desire.  Please check out the gallery for the many styles we have made.
Fixed Awning

Spear Style Window Awnings

The Spear style awning, also known as a Mediterranean style awning, is very similar to the Scroll style awning except it has spears on the ends.  These usually have spear heads or balls on the ends and sometimes decorations in the middle of the spear.  Kindly check out our gallery of Mediterranean-style window awnings for more ideas.

Window and Door Long Dome Awnings Residential

Dome and Long Dome Awnings

A True Dome style awning is like a quarter section of a ball and is rounded equally to the sides and projection.  A Long Dome is be elongated to fit the width and projections, but it is rounded in all directions.  These styles are a great way to match the architectural look of a building.  Have the goodness to check out our long dome awnings gallery for more ideas.
Fabric drop roll shade

Tenara Thread

The most important part of a fabric awning is the strength of the seams.  AAA Awnings, Inc. always uses Tenara Thread which is manufactured by Gore, which is known for their dental floss.  Tenara thread is similar to the dental floss, except it has been sized to fit through the sewing needles, and is much more UV resistant.  Tenara warrantees their thread for the life of the fabric.


Aluminum Flex Pan Awnings

For those seeking modern durability with flexible design options, our Aluminum Flex Panel Awnings are the ideal choice. These awnings combine the strength of aluminum with a versatile range of styles and colors, allowing for customization that fits any personal or architectural preference. Perfect for both residential and commercial applications, they provide long-lasting protection and a sleek, contemporary look.
Custom Aurora Window Awning

Aurora and Meridian Window Awnings

The Aurora window awning is an attractive and durable window and door awning, providing both shade and weather protection.  These awnings, as with all of the aluminum flex pan awnings; can be manufactured from a wide choice of colors.  Each awning is custom made to fit your windows or doors in projection, width and slope.  The Meridian window awning is the same as the Aurora except the sides are open. Please see our Aurora and Meridian window awnings gallery for more pictures.
Panorama Bay Window Awnings_1

Panorama Window Awning

The panorama window awning is an open louver awning.  This allows for a nice amount of light while also blocking out direct sunlight.  The awning projects out at a 45° angle giving excellent shade coverage, helping to keep your house cool without making it dark.  It is recommended that the awning louvers be 12” longer than the window opening which will give additional sunlight protection as the angle of the sun changes throughout the day.  This awning is not meant for rain protection and therefore is not recommended for over doors. To see additional pictures, please go to the gallery
Panorama and Zenith Window Awnings

Zenith Window Awning

Zenith awnings look like a Panorama awning have closed louver pans and are made to project out at a 20° angle.  This allows the awning to be used as either a window awning or a door awning for weather protection
Motorized retractable outdoor roller up shade for veranda

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are commonly used to provide a screened off area that adds privacy and weather protection. The aluminum pans have a baked-on finish that makes privacy screens both durable and attractive for many years. They provide good weather protection on the side of a carport or a covered work area.
Patio Cover

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