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Custom Drop Shades in Los Angeles, CA

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with AAA Awnings’ drop shades. Ideal for managing sunlight and enhancing privacy, our drop shades are an elegant solution that can transform any space. They allow for adjustable light control, offering protection from the sun’s glare while enjoying the outdoor view. Drop shades can also be motorized, providing maximum convenience to every homeowner.

Custom Shade Solutions for Every Space


Whether for a commercial setting, residential property, or mobile home, our drop shades offer versatile shading solutions that combine durability with aesthetic appeal. Designed to fit various architectural styles and needs, our drop shades enhance any environment in which they’re installed.


Commercial Drop Shades

Perfect for businesses looking to add comfort and style to their outdoor spaces, our commercial drop shades provide effective UV protection, reducing cooling costs and creating a pleasant atmosphere for customers and employees alike. Ideal for cafes, restaurants, and office patios.

Residential Drop Shades

Our residential drop shades bring both functionality and elegance to your home. They are designed to offer privacy and light control in areas such as patios, decks, and large windows. Customize your shades to match your home décor and enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment.
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Mobile Home Drop Shades

Optimize the comfort and efficiency of your mobile home with our specially designed drop shades. These shades offer excellent sun protection and privacy, making them perfect for enhancing the usability of small spaces.

Custom Drop Shades

We offer custom shade sails for both commercial and residential use. You can add a shady area to any place you like as either a freestanding option that mounts on footings with hardware or where at least one corner attaches to a building or to your home. Shade sails have a modern appearance because they are rarely made as a square or a rectangle, but instead have sharper angles and points on them. The triangle shape is one of the most popular shade sails.

You can actually have several of these that overlap each other slightly where they are installed to give you a very large area with sun protection and perhaps mix and match different bright colors for the utmost in interest. Shade sails are made from a knitted polyethylene fabric that offers you shade and UV protection from the hot summer sun. Shade sails are generally in bright colors or a striped pattern and they are installed so that one end is higher than the others are, so any rainwater can run off and it won’t pool on the fabric. This means that your durable fabric will last much longer than a shade option that is flat and retains water on it.

Mobile home drop shades are another type of shade that is very versatile. The fabric of choice is a solid sheet so that when your drop shade is closed, you have privacy inside your mobile home and it blocks the sunlight for an energy-efficient product. A drop shade mounts above your windows and it uses a roller mechanism to wind the fabric up onto the roll when it’s not in use. You can choose one of two specific manners to raise and lower them. The first is by a manual crank and the second is motorized in which it takes the touch of a remote control button to raise and lower them to any level you wish.

When you are around in Los Angeles and you want custom drop shades, look no further than AAA Awnings, the reliable awning company in Los Angeles, California. We manufacture and can install many different types of window awnings and patio covers for residential, commercial, and mobile home use. Talk to us now for free estimates.

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