Custom Shades Installation in Casitas Water District

Commercial Custom Shades Installation in Casitas Water District

Efficient Heat Reduction for Water Pump Stations

Custom Made Drop Shades

In the hot climate of the Casitas Water District, specialized commercial shades are crucial for equipment longevity and operational efficiency. By installing custom shades above these vital water pump stations, we significantly reduced solar heat gain to keep the internal mechanics cool and functioning properly during intense summer temperatures.

The commercial-grade shades allow easy access when maintenance is required, as they can be lifted out of the way by the crane while protecting the pumps on a daily basis. Purpose-built to withstand weather and wear, these heavy-duty shades were custom-made to precisely fit each unique station.

Transforming Necessities into Assets

Discover the transformation through our before-and-after photos, illustrating the impact of our custom shades on the water pump stations. Witness the installation process and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each shade, designed for both functionality and ease of maintenance. The installation of the commercial shades instantly improved functionality by blocking sunlight while also enhancing aesthetics with their clean, modern design.


See the ‘before’ photos, capturing the exposed and vulnerable water pump stations before the installation of our custom shades.


Get a behind-the-scenes look at the installation process. These photos showcase the care and expertise invested in creating the perfect shades.


Marvel at the ‘after’ photos, showcasing the effective and robust shades that now protect the water pump stations, enhancing their efficiency and longevity.

Commitment to Quality

This commercial shade installation at the Casitas Water District in Oak View, CA, is a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. Our shades are a result of careful planning and expert execution, reflecting our commitment to providing solutions that meet the demands of industrial applications.

Explore Our Shade Solutions

We offer a variety of custom shade solutions for residential and commercial settings. Whether for heat reduction, UV protection, equipment longevity, or maintenance convenience, our shades are designed to meet your needs. Let our team help you find the perfect shade solution.
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Commercial Drop Shades

Our commercial drop shades are ideal for businesses looking to improve their outdoor spaces. Whether you need to reduce glare, protect your customers from the sun, or create a more comfortable outdoor dining area, our shades offer a practical and stylish solution. Manual and motorized options are available to accommodate your business needs.

Protect Your Equipment Today!

Don’t let the heat compromise the efficiency of your water pump stations. Experience the transformation with our custom shade installation in the Casitas Water District. Contact our team to discuss how we can help you enhance the functionality and longevity of your equipment with our specialized shading solutions.