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Roof Mount Brown Lattice Patio Cover

At AAA Awnings, we recently installed a roof-mount brown lattice patio cover on a loyal client’s home. The lush patio cover design now provides our client with adequate shade while elevating their patio’s allure. We were so thrilled with the outcome that we wanted to share it with you!

Lattice patio covers are perfect for summer barbecues and patio parties, allowing Californians to enjoy the great outdoors without leaving their backyards.

Robust Patio Covers with Astonishing Sophistication

Lattice Patio Cover

Our AAA Awnings team constructs all our patio covers using the finest materials available. We made this roof-mounted brown lattice patio cover with high-quality aluminum that prevents rust and rot, unlike steel or wood coverings. Inside the beams and posts is robust galvanized and powder-coated steel, giving it unmatched support for decades to come.

Since the outside elements can’t reach the steel, the client won’t have to worry about the patio cover tarnishing over time. It will keep its divine elegance no matter what Mother Nature throws its way.

Adaptable Installation to Meet Your Home’s Design

Upon installing our client’s patio covering, our team noticed mounted posts on pavers that someone had already installed. Instead of delaying the project, we adapted our approach to ensure that our services met our customer’s wants and needs. Since pavers aren’t strong enough to attach to, we dug them up and installed concrete footings below them.

Our team also noticed that the home’s wall and fascia were too low to attach the lattice patio covering to safely. To overcome the issue, we decided to mount the covering to the roof instead. A roof-mount lattice covering makes the patio space look and seem larger, increasing its appeal even more.

Today, our client enjoys a beautiful, brown, roof-mounted lattice patio cover that complements their home marvelously. It gives the homeowner a soothing outdoor lounge area the family can escape to after a long day’s work or a lively exterior space for special events and occasions.

That client is one of many happy AAA Awning customers who value our dedication to high-quality awnings. In fact, our AAA Awnings team went on to install coverings for the client’s brother as well as their parents.

Nothing is more important than satisfying our clients, and we will do everything we can to surpass their expectations with our commitment to premium awnings and outstanding customer care.

First-Class Patio Covers in Los Angeles, CA

At AAA Awning, we provide exceptional custom patio covers in Los Angeles at a fraction of the price of big box stores. Our awnings consist of the finest materials and enhance any home’s curbside appeal. Whether you need a solid patio cover or a lattice awning for your patio, our team at AAA Awning is here for you.

At AAA Awning, our selection consists of all the latest awning styles and trends. Some of our products include:

Our team also offers custom awnings and patio covers, ensuring that you receive the perfect design and color scheme for your home. We provide commercial, residential, and mobile home awnings, making us Los Angeles’s one-stop shop for all its awning needs. We even offer decorative outdoor cushions to make your outdoor lounge space better than ever.

Excellent Awnings and Patio Coverings with Outstanding Customer Service

Our commitment to premium awnings and patio coverings is just as strong as our dedication to extraordinary customer service. Our team always treats you and your home with the utmost respect and won’t hesitate to answer any question about our services. We remain transparent throughout the entire process and will keep you informed every step of the way. We believe our customers deserve the very best, and we go to great lengths to ensure their satisfaction. We take pride in serving our wonderful Greater Los Angeles community and will do everything in our power to give our clients the services they need at a fair and affordable price.
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Where to Build Your Awning or Patio Cover

Awnings work great over windows, doors, decks, patios, and more. They allow you to enjoy the pleasures of nature without having blinding sunrays impede your relaxation. Many people build patio covers over their back porches, making them extensions of their living rooms or dining areas.

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At AAA Awnings, we are Los Angeles’s source for superior awnings and patio covers. We can help your home reach its full potential with our fantastic selection of top-quality products. Whether you need a lush, roof-mounted, brown lattice patio cover or a motorized retractable awning, our team at AAA Awnings will be able to handle it all.

If you want to take the first step to improve your home’s exterior appeal, contact our patio cover experts at AAA Awning in Garden Grove, CA, at (714) 373-5918. We can make your dream patio into a reality at a price that fits your budget. Call today!