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Residential Fabric & Aluminum Products in Los Angeles

If you need residential awnings to shade your home from the hot summer California sun, we have you covered!! We carry retractable window and patio awnings so you can open them easily when you want shade to cool the inside of your home as well as provide a shady area for outdoor entertaining. You may decide you want to have dome awnings to shade your windows that get the hot afternoon sun from entering your home and give you excellent energy efficiency at the same time. Solara awnings can cover your entire outdoor living spaces that may include outdoor kitchens complete with grill, refrigerators, and dining areas as well.  You may love the extra decorative appearance of Mediterranean awnings over your individual windows with beautiful scrolls or spears on the sides where they attach to your home. Rivera awnings are sleek and may include scalloped edges for a dressy appearance over windows and doors or over an entire side of your home. Dome awnings can be of any size to be above individual windows and doors, whereas the long dome awnings may cover an entire patio area in your backyard for cooling shade in the summer or to enable you to enjoy a nice light rain shower.

If you happen to have an existing trellis or pergola, you may be interested in a slide wire awning that attaches to it and forms a beautiful manner to shade your yard or patio. The drop roll allows you to completely or partially cover the outside of windows for sun protection. They operate as a solid sheet of fabric on a roller mechanism at the top of the window and pull straight down to cover the window. You can then retract them upward into the roll when they are not in use to let some sunshine and warmth into your home on cooler winter days. Shade sails are a popular product to supply you with a bit of shade in exciting shapes and sizes to relax outdoors by the poolside.

We also carry a full line of residential aluminum products for all of your needs. We have some of the most innovative designs, such as the Solara adjustable patio covers that allow you to open and close the overhead louvers to control the exact amount of sunlight or shade you desire. The adjustments are made easily on a simple to use remote control, so if a rain shower suddenly comes your way, you can close the louvers and protect your hot tub or patio furniture in a snap. Duracool patio covers are available in many beautiful designs as freestanding covers made from lattice or solid aluminum with a lifetime warranty. We also have long lasting and durable aluminum carports to protect your vehicle from the heat and elements all year long so it stays in pristine shape. For fabric or aluminum patio products at AAA Awnings, we have you covered.

Fabric Products
  • Sol-lux Eos Window Awning
  • Retractable Patio and Window Awnings
  • Riviera Awnings
  • Dome Awnings
  • Long Dome Awnings
  • Mediterranean Awnings
  • Mediterranean Awnings with scrolls
  • Open Sided Riviera 
  • Slide Wire and Trellis
  • Fabric Valances
  • Drop Rolls for patios, doors and windows  
  • Shade Sails
Aluminum Products
  • Solara Adjustable Patio Covers
  • Duracool Insulated Patio Covers
  • Duracool Flat Pan Patio Covers
  • Duracool Lattice Patio Covers
  • Carports
  • W-Pan Patio Covers
  • Aurora window and door awnings
  • Meridian window and door awnings
  • Panorama and Zenith window awnings
  • Aluminum Door Hoods

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