Retractable Awnings: Motorized vs. Manual?

Motorized Versus Manual

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Retractable awnings and canopies are the most cost-effective ways to keep your outdoor living spaces cool during the year’s warmest months. And with the intense summer heat in Los Angeles, awnings are often a necessity if you want to spend time on your patio or deck comfortably.

Retractable awnings are highly versatile and come in many colors, sizes, and variations. However, with so many choices, you may have difficulty deciding which type of outdoor covering you want to hang on your home or business.

The most significant decisions for retractable awnings often come down to whether or not you want a motorized or manual version.

Motorized Versus Manual: The Difference

In Orange County fixed awnings can help you keep your outdoor areas shaded. However, retractable awnings offer the convenience of allowing you to remove that shade when you no longer need it. Retractable models are beneficial but choosing the right one comes down to a matter of preferences.

Both motorized and manual awnings serve the same purpose — providing shade for outdoor areas that attract a lot of natural sunlight. The only significant difference between them is how they operate.

Motorized retractable awnings run on electricity and extend and retract at the push of a remote-control button. On the other hand, manual retractable awnings come with a crank that users need to turn to open and close.

The debate between these two popular awning types comes down to cost vs. convenience.

Manual Awnings: The Main Benefit

In Orange County, retractable awnings of any type can keep you protected from the heat and harmful effects of UV rays. So, with that mindset, many people opt for the cheaper and more reliable option rather than spending more on luxury manual awnings.

Manual retractable awnings are significantly cheaper options than their motorized counterparts because they require fewer pieces to operate. For as convenient as motorized awnings are, they need an electric motor and remote control to run. Those parts alone make motorized shade structures cost hundreds of dollars more than manual coverings.

Those extra parts can also make motorized awnings less reliable than manual ones. Because of the motor and other electrical elements, motorized awnings can be challenging to fix and prone to more breakages. On the other hand, manual retractable awnings use fewer parts, lowering the odds of anything going wrong.

And while manual retractable awnings technically require more force to use than those operating on an electric motor, most modern manual outdoor coverings don’t need much strength to open and close. As a result, manual awnings are not as convenient as motorized ones but will still not require any excessive force to operate.

With all that working in their favor, manual retractable awnings are solid options for all types of residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

Motorized Awnings: The Main Benefit

People typically splurge on motorized awnings for ease of use. Being able to stay seated in your comfortable outdoor lounging furniture and adjust your awning from a convenient remote control is a perk that is difficult to turn down. However, there are even more benefits to motorized retractable awnings than just practicality.

Motorized retractable awnings are ideal for older people or homeowners with disabilities. Because of the portable remote control and motorized operation, anyone can open or close the awning easily.

Manual awnings require physical exertion that some people might struggle with, while motorized awnings remove this obstacle entirely. And while that ease of use is appealing to many people, the aesthetics of automatic shade structures is an equally strong perk.

Motorized awnings can often extend farther than manual options, giving them a thinner, completely flat appearance. That additional flatness will help your shade structure blend in well with the rest of your outdoor decor while still providing substantial protection from heat and UV rays.

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Choosing What’s Right for You

The perfect retractable awning for your home will depend on what you value.

Both will serve their intended purpose of protecting you and your outdoor living spaces from heat and harmful UV rays from the sun while adding a level of visual flair to your home or business. However, the minor details will make a major difference in what model works for you.

If you want something guaranteed to be affordable and reliable, you’re better off with a manual awning. On the other hand, if you want your awning to be convenient and stylish, motorized models will suit your needs well. But whichever awning type you choose, you can find the highest quality options at AAA Awnings, Inc.

In Los Angeles, awnings can make the difference between a comfortable summer get-together in the backyard and sweltering heat ruining your outdoor gathering. Our awning company creates high-quality custom awnings to keep your homes and businesses cool and shaded when you need them most.

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