Most Innovative Custom Awnings & Shades in Aliso Viejo, CA

At AAA Awnings, Inc., we are proud to serve the community of Aliso Viejo, home of the Aliso and Wood Canyons Regional Park, Soka University and Edwards Aliso Viejo Stadium 20 in the heart of the shopping and dining area. We are located a mere 24 miles north of Aliso Viejo. Being a local company, we understand the exact needs of businesses and homeowners wishing to control their sun and heat. We are the trusted source in your area for aluminum and fabric awnings as well as mobile home accessories and have over 60 years of experience.

Commercial Awning Products

We carry and manufacture a full line of fabric commercial awning products from which to choose. Awnings are fabricated to your exact specification to cover walkways, store entrances and windows. We also offer patio covers and curtains for outdoor dining spaces and can include signage for your commercial business with your logo or name on the awnings. We carry slide wire awnings, curtains, cabanas, shade sails and fabric valances. We create and fabricate your fabric commercial awnings in any shape you wish to match your business style whether it is classic, contemporary or anywhere in between.

Our aluminum and steel products are durable and made to last for years to come. They can be utilized as patio covers, windscreens, carports and aluminum freestanding structures over your outdoor products, such as machinery or other items to shield them from the hot sun and rain.

Residential Products

We carry a full line of residential awning products to shield your home from the hot sun and enable the inside of your home to be much cooler, thus creating an energy efficient home. Retractable window and patio awnings can be opened or closed easily in order to provide shade in the summer or allow sun on your patio in the winter to make a warm area for entertaining. Mediterranean awnings can cover your outdoor spaces with dining areas and refrigerators as well as outdoor entertainment equipment, such as televisions, stereo speakers and gaming tables. We offer many styles including Rivera, Rivera with scrolls on the sides, dome awnings and long dome awnings.

Slide wire awnings are made to fit on an existing pergola or trellis for shading purposes. Drop roll shades can completely cover windows for privacy and shade inside your home. Shade sails are a popular choice to place anywhere in your lawn that you wish, because they can attach to an existing structure or anchors and they come in very exciting colors and shapes for character in your outside entertaining area. 

We carry residential aluminum products for your home. The Solara adjustable patio covers operate on a louver system, so you can adjust the exact amount of sun and heat over your outdoor spaces. Duracool patio covers are freestanding covers that are made from solid aluminum or lattice. 

Mobile Home Supplies

We carry a full line of hard to find mobile home awning supplies for the handyman or for a DIY project for a homeowner. We can offer expert advice on how to tackle and complete a project in detail for you to replace or install items in a mobile home. We offer parts and accessories for both the inside and outside of your mobile home.

We encourage you to visit our show room facility on Acacia in Garden Grove, California to see the newest and most innovative awnings for single-family homes, apartments, business strip malls, commercial buildings and mobile homes.

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