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At AAA Awnings, Inc., we are proud to serve the Buena Park area, home of the attractions of Knott’s Berry Farm theme park, Knott’s Soak City water park, and the Medieval Times dinner show of Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Show. We are a local awning & shades company located in Garden Grove, a mere 14-mile drive southwest from Buena Park. Being a local company means that we understand the unique shading products that homeowners and businesses alike face in this area to control the hot summer heat and sun. We have been the trusted source in this area for over 60 years for all types of aluminum and fabric awnings as well as mobile home accessories to keep people and areas cool.

Commercial Products: Aluminum, Steel and Fabric Awnings

We manufacture commercial-grade awnings and products for all of your business needs. We fabricate awnings to cover any areas you need, such as doorways, windows, walkways and outdoor dining areas for restaurants. We can also include your logo or signage on your fabric awnings to give your commercial business more exposure to the public. You can also choose from a full line of other commercial-grade shading solutions such as shade sails, slide wire awnings, fabric valances, cabanas, and curtains for all of your needs. We create, fabricate, and install all of your products in any shape and size that you wish while offering you many different fabric choices of the most durable fabrics available for long-lasting products. We carry steel and aluminum products that will last for many years. These strong coverings work well as a permanent awning that can be freestanding to cover work areas, outdoor supplies, workers or walkways, windscreens, and carports to keep people cooler in the summer while providing shade where it is needed.

Residential Fabric and Aluminum Awning Products

We create, fabricate, and install a full line of residential awning products for all of your needs. The addition of a fabric awning over doors, windows and patios as well as outdoor kitchens will keep the outdoor areas cooler as well as the inside of your mobile home or home by reducing the sun that enters your abode. This means that you will have a much more energy-efficient home and save money on heating and cooling costs all year round to recoup the costs of shading products quickly. Retractable awnings are very popular for patio and deck areas. You can open or close them, fully or partially with the click of a button on the motorized versions or with a few simple cranks of the manual versions. Aluminum awnings make a great addition to an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area at your home. You can shield your outdoor dining room, ovens, barbeque grills, refrigerators and pizza ovens from sun and rain and create a space that is an extension of your home allowing you to use this space all year round. Slide wire awnings are very popular in California. They can be installed on an existing pergola or trellis to give you shade. We also carry drop roll shades to cover windows and keep the sun out of your home or to create a private party area under an awning with sides. We have fabric shade sails that can be made into any size and color you wish for a light and informal method of shading your areas. Residential aluminum products are available as well, such as the Solara adjustable patio covers with a louver system. You can open or close the louvers to any position you wish just as window blinds to adjust and direct sunshine exactly where you want it. We offer a full line of awning accessories to make your outdoor spaces feel like home. You can choose from speakers, lighting, fans and so much more!!

Mobile Home Awning Products and Supplies

We carry a huge array of mobile home awning products and accessories for all of your needs. Whether you are a DIY homeowner or an experienced handyman, we can help you with replacement and installation instructions to make your replacements a piece of cake. We have specialty mobile home products for both inside and outside use all in one place. We encourage you to come by our showroom in Garden Grove, California to see the most innovative and newest shading products on the market today. We expertly fabricate all products for homes, apartments, mobile homes, or any type of commercial business you may have. We have you covered.

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