Awnings & Shades in Costa Mesa, CA

At AAA Awnings, Inc., we are proud to serve the community of Costa Mesa, known as The City of Arts and the home of Disneyland, which is just about one mile from the coast. We are located just 15 miles southwest of Costa Mesa in Garden Grove to serve your needs for residential and commercial shading products. Being a local company with over 60 years of experience gives us the advantage of being the trusted source for aluminum and fabric awnings and mobile home accessories for all your needs.

Commercial Products

We fabricate a full line of fabric commercial awnings in any size, shape, and color you can imagine. We can help you to cover walkways, windows, and storefronts to reduce your cooling costs in the summer by eliminating sun and heat from entering your establishment. We also have patio covers and curtains for all of your outdoor dining areas, and we can include your logo or signage on them to make it easier for clients and customers to find your location. We also have slide wire awnings, cabanas, shade sails, and fabric valances for all of your shading and cooling needs. We can match your products to blend in seamlessly with the architecture of your buildings, no matter what style they are.

Our commercial steel and aluminum products are durable and long-lasting. They can be used as windscreens, patio covers, carports, and freestanding structures over any outdoor products you may have or to shield outdoor employees from the sun and rain.

Residential Products

We carry a full line of residential aluminum products for your home or mobile home. The Solara adjustable patio covers allow you to open and close overhead louvers to any position you wish, from fully opened to fully closed and anywhere in between. This makes it a truly innovative product for year-round use. We also have Duracool patio covers as a freestanding option made from lattice or solid aluminum for all of your shadings uses.

If you have a pergola or trellis, we can add a beautiful slide-wire awning to it for a shield from the heat and sun. The addition of drop roll shades can completely cover the windows of your home to eliminate the sun and harmful UV rays. Shade sails can be placed anywhere you want as they do not need to be mounted onto an existing building; instead, they can be attached to anchors in open areas. You can choose from a large array of colors, sizes, and shapes.

We carry the largest line of residential awning products in your area to make your home energy efficient by limiting the sun that enters your home or mobile home. Retractable patio awnings can be opened or closed easily and quickly with a motorized option or with a manual crank. We offer many styles of outdoor awnings to cover your patio and all of your outdoor furniture to make it last longer without fading.

Mobile Home Supplies

We carry a large selection of both indoor and outdoor mobile home supplies for your every need. Whether you are a DIY homeowner or a handyman, we can help you to decide on which products will work best in any application, and our knowledgeable experts can guide you in the installation process as well.

We welcome visitors to our Garden Grove showroom facility for you to see the newest and most innovative awning products on the market today. We serve all of your needs for apartments, businesses, strip malls, single-family homes, commercial buildings, and mobile homes as well.

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