Sol-Lux Retractable Awnings

Have a window that gets sun, but you don’t want it shaded all of the time?  Don’t want to hire an electrician to put in an electrical box for a motorized retractable awning? Like the idea of a remote-controlled awning, but afraid you might lose the remote control?  All of these issues can be solved using a Sol-Lux retractable awning product.  Sol-Lux awnings use the suns solar rays to charge; therefore no energy needs to come from your home. If your electricity is out, the Sol-Lux will still work perfectly.  

Using the latest technology, you can set schedules, or manually retract it with your smartphone. The Sol-Lux has a built-in sun and wind sensor, so if you’re not home, there is no need to worry.  When the Sol-Lux is fully retracted back into the powder coated casing, there is no visible fabric. This will extend the life of the fabric and overall awning investment. Please contact us at AAA Awnings Inc. for a free in-home, over email, or over the phone quote

Long lasting Sol-Lux Retractable Awnings
Solar-Lux Retractable Awnings
Sol-Lux Retractable Awnings

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