Commercial Awnings Installed in Hooters California

Commercial Products

At AAA Awnings, we know how crucial it is to create an inviting and functional outdoor space for your business. Whether you’re managing a bustling restaurant, a cozy café, or a large apartment complex, the right coverings can make all the difference. Our extensive range of commercial fabric, aluminum, and steel products are designed to address these needs with durability and style.

Commercial Fabric, Aluminum & Steel Products in Los Angeles, California


AAA Awnings carries a full line of commercial products for all your needs. We can fabricate your awnings using all commercial products built to last for many years. You can choose awnings for your storefront or entranceway and walkways as well as restaurant needs of patio covers and curtains for your outdoor dining spaces.

We offer solutions for apartments and hotels and can include signage and graphics for your particular type of commercial business. We also have slide wire awnings, fabric valances, curtains, cabanas for guests, and simple shade sails for relief from the hot summer sun.


Fabric Products

We can create and fabricate your commercial fabric awnings in any shape that you wish to match your business, whether it may be contemporary, classic, or anywhere in between. The traditional style is an awning that slants downward in front of your establishment over doorways, entryways, and windows.

Freestanding awnings have stanchions on the outer edges and do not attach to the building, whereas canopy-type awnings attach to the building and have at least one stanchion for support. Other shapes of the traditional style include dome-shaped, elongated dome, concave, and quarter round to include whichever style you wish for.

We are your experienced awning supplier in the area and can help you choose from many styles, designs, fabrics, colors, features, and options in your awnings today.

Apartments and Hotels awnings

Apartment and Hotels

Enhance the appeal of your apartment or hotel with our durable and stylish commercial awnings. We offer a variety of designs that provide both functionality and aesthetic value, ensuring your guests enjoy a comfortable and attractive environment.
stock room curtains awning

Drop Curtains

Our commercial drop curtains are perfect for creating flexible and versatile outdoor spaces. These durable curtains provide excellent protection from the elements while enhancing the usability and style of your outdoor areas.
Fabric Valances

Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor spaces with our custom fabric valances. These valances are designed to complement any architectural style, providing a cohesive and attractive look for your business.

Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor Cushions

Our outdoor cushions are designed for durability and comfort, perfect for commercial settings. Available in a range of colors and styles, these cushions enhance the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your outdoor seating areas.
Panera Bread Restaurant Awnings, Patio Covers, and Curtains

Restaurant Awnings, Patio Covers and Curtains

Transform your restaurant’s outdoor dining space with our custom awnings, patio covers, and curtains. These products provide shade and weather protection, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your customers.

commercial awning products

Signage & Graphics

Enhance your business visibility with our custom signage and graphics solutions. Designed to attract and inform, our products can be tailored to fit your specific commercial needs, ensuring a professional and appealing presentation.
commercial walkway awning_2


Our commercial awnings for walkways provide essential weather protection while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property. These durable structures ensure safe and comfortable passage for your customers and guests, regardless of the weather conditions.

all commercial awnings

All Commercial Awnings

Our comprehensive range of commercial awnings is designed to meet the diverse needs of any business. From storefronts to outdoor dining areas, our durable and stylish awnings provide shade, weather protection, and an enhanced aesthetic appeal, ensuring a comfortable and inviting environment.


Aluminum & Steel Products

Our aluminum and steel products are very durable for all of your commercial needs, including adjustable patio covers, aluminum freestanding and windscreens, as well as carports so guests won’t get wet when arriving at your business or they are taking advantage of your valet parking feature.

We carry the storage and machinery covers for safety with your outdoor products, as well as standing seam, custom steel, and overhead strut awnings for any application you may need.

Aluminum Freestanding Awning Los Angeles

Aluminum Freestanding

Our aluminum freestanding structures offer flexible and sturdy solutions for various outdoor needs. These durable products provide reliable protection and enhance the functionality of your commercial spaces.
Freestanding aluminum awnings - AAAAwnings

Covered Work Areas

Protect your workspaces with our covered work area solutions. Designed for durability and efficiency, these structures offer shelter and safety for outdoor commercial activities.
Aluminum Door Hood Awning_2

Wind and Sun Screens

Our wind and sun screens provide excellent protection against harsh weather conditions while enhancing comfort. These durable screens are ideal for maintaining a pleasant environment in your outdoor areas.
w-pan custom patio cover

Storage and Machinery Covers

Ensure the safety and longevity of your equipment with our storage and machinery covers. These robust covers offer superior protection against the elements, safeguarding your valuable assets.
Patio Cover

Enhance Your Outdoor Living with
Custom Awnings and Shades

Ready to elevate your outdoor living with stylish awnings and shades? Contact us today to discover how our custom solutions can transform your space! Enjoy the perfect blend of protection and elegance, and make your outdoor area a true extension of your home. Don’t wait—enhance your outdoor comfort now!

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Kathleen Borzi
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I am so pleased with the comfort and look of the new cushions AAA awnings created! Exceeded my expectations in quality and turn around time! Receiving lots of compliments, too. I highly recommend them, AAA workmanship!
Ena Valikov
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AAA Awnings exceeded our expectations. They installed a well crafted, well designed awning- on time and at a more than fair price. We couldn't be happier!!
Anthony Caruso
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Thank you to AAA awnings for taking care of our aluminum awning needs. I have an older house in LA with a damaged awning and needed a replacement. I wasn’t sure I would ever find someone who could make a replica but AAA did an excellent job and the specs fit perfectly and at a fair price. Will do business with them again!